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TancerDid you miss Experian’s workshop Moms Rule, Marketers Drool: Insights for Capturing Mom’s Attention at M2Moms® 2013? Presenter Bill Tancer, General Manager of Global Research, Experian Marketing Services and author of Click… What Millions of People Do Online and Why It Matters, will reprise his well-rated M2Moms® workshop from October’s M2Moms® conference via a live webinar, Monday, January 20 at 1:00 pm ET. Through Experian’s exclusive market research and analysis, webinar attendees will learn to capture the attention of today’s always on, always connected Mom.

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Rose Cameron, Chief Strategy Officer, Euro RSCG Chicago Rose Cameron, Chief Strategy Officer, Euro RSCG Chicago was voted best speaker by the SRO audience of Fortune 1000 brand marketing executives at the 7th Annual M2Moms® – The Marketing to Moms Conference, October 19 & 20, 2011, Chicago Cultural Center.

Cameron won the “You Take The Cake” best speaker award for her dynamic, informative and entertaining opening keynote, “Parenting By Millennials: What Would Dr. Spock Say About New Technology, Crowdsourcing and Online Communities?.” It was a tour de force of the new cultural realities, and lifestyles of moms born between the years 1977 and 1996. The award was sponsored by

“It’s so unusual for the first speaker at any conference to win best speaker. But Rose’s session really floored everybody,” according to Liz Fongemie, M2Moms® Director. “It was so strong and compelling that everyone remembered it even after all the other great speakers. That really is amazing when you look at this year’s other top five presenters.”

For example Stacy DeBroff, Mom Central Consulting, who is always on TV and quoted everywhere, provided truly new ideas in her amazing presentation, “Generations vs. Ages & Stages: When It Comes To Mom’s Marketing Decisions, Which Reigns Supreme?” And Stephen Reily, Vibrant Nation, delivered incomparable insights into the older segment of the mom market during his session “The "Graduate" Mom (And We Don’t Mean Mrs. Robinson)”.

“As a mom myself,” Fongemie added, “I was fascinated by Missy Maher & Sabrina Macias’ Edelman session “The Modern Family: The Next Bump” which premiered important new research. And probably just as unusual as Rose winning as the opening speaker, was that the closing speakers Jim Lecinski, Google & John Ross, Shopper Sciences were also voted into the top five for their session “How to Connect with the Digital Mom at the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)”, it was a phenomenal ‘Ah-Ha’ moment for all of us.”

“All the sessions really showed how marketing to moms continually changes, both as different generations of moms evolve, and as their kids and families age and mature. M2Moms® is always attended by a really diverse list of brands including Microsoft, Kellogg’s, Evenflo, Barilla, IKEA, Mead Johnson, Sherwin-Williams, GM, NY Life, Heinz, Symantec, Hasbro, BBC, NBA, Walt Disney, P&G, Bayer and Coca-Cola. Smart brands attend,” Fongemie stated, “because they know that keeping up with today’s moms is critical to building and maintaining market share in virtually every industry and product category.”

M2Moms® sponsors include Title Sponsors: Good Housekeeping and; Associate Sponsors: What to Expect, Mom Central Consulting, The Bump, Fleishman-Hillard, School Family Media, Destination Maternity, TLC Parentables, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Resonate Networks, Vibrant Nation, Euro RSCG Chicago, Google, Shopper Sciences, Frank About Women, Edelman; Showcase Sponsors: Ketchum, First Choice Facilities, Meredith Print Advantage, Meredith Parents Network Custom Solutions, iVillage, WebMD, Zeldis Research Associates, Rondo, Creative Hands, Alexx, Inc., Plum District, 360 PR, Carolina Pad,; Workshop Sponsors: Zocalo Group, Eric Mower & Associates, Yahoo!, National Geographic Kids, Lattimer Communications; Video Content Resource: Snippies. M2Moms® Proudly Supports: Room to Read.

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Here are some of the recent marketing-to-moms headlines in the news:

Modern Mom More Than “…A Regular Woman” – According to a recent Nielsen Company study, 34% of American households are home to kids under 18, and modern moms wear many hats and play many roles.  These moms are 19% more likely than the general population to engage in social networking, and even more likely to become a fan or follow a brand (31% more likely), become a fan or follow a celebrity (24% more likely) and comment on others postings (27% more likely) (MediaPost Research Brief, 5/18/11).

Do Women Bloggers Want To Work With Your Brand? – Blog community provider BlogFrog surveyed female bloggers in the US to discover what kinds of partnerships with brands were more desirable and how women bloggers thought brand relationships should work. About three-quarters of those surveyed were moms; eMarketer estimates 4 million mothers in the US will write a blog at least monthly this year (eMarketer, 5/16/11).

Chicken of the Sea Uses Social Mermaid to Revitalize the Brand

Seafood shelf products such as canned tuna have long been kind of a conservative grocery brand vertical, with a heavy reliance on healthy claims for awareness and couponing to move items in the checkout line. But Chicken of the Sea has decided to try to break out of that shoal and hook customers with an integrated campaign that brings its iconic “mermaid’ character to a number of different platforms, from Web video spots and Facebook to Twitter, casual games and sweepstakes (Promo Magazine, 5/17/11).

Here are some of the recent marketing-to-moms headlines in the news:

Why Kellogg’s Latest Cause Marketing Campaign Works: Kellogg’s "Share Your Breakfast" campaign resonates with moms because it hits on 4 key Mom points: relevance, simplicity, share-ability and family involvement (MediaPost’s Engage: Moms, 3/16/11).

Will Social Media Replace Surveys as a Research Tool?: The top research executive of likely the world’s biggest research buyer expects surveys to dramatically decline in importance by 2020 and sees the rise of social media as a big reason why (AdAge, 3/21/11).

Recession, moms’ schedules help thaw cold shoulders to frozen meals: Ask a harried mom about what’s for dinner, and you could get an icy reply. Feeling increased pressure to get a full meal on the table in less than 30 minutes, more families are eyeing the frozen food aisles for items that can carry dinnertime. The trend toward frozen has only increased since the beginning of the recession, said Stacy DeBroff, chief executive of Mom Central, a Newton, Mass.-based social media agency specializing in marketing to mothers — and M2Moms 2011 Sponsor (Dallas Morning News, 3/21/11).

Did you miss the Trone’s  presentation on the “Six Universal Mom Tugs™” during this year’s M2Moms®–or do you want to see it again?   If so, you’re in luck—Trone Moms is offering a free webinar on “Mom Tugs™” on Wednesday, November 10th at 1 PM EST.  This encore presentation will give brand leaders and marketers a better understanding of how they fit into mom’s worldview.  Through in-store journaling, quantitative research and their own online mom community, Trone looked at how Tugs pull at mom’s brand affinities as well as her in-the-moment, in-store decisions.  Understanding the Tugs at play can show brands where their opportunities lie in everything from product development to brand messaging to packaging and in-store tactics.  Register now for the November 10th webinar at

Meeting the everyday needs of moms is a topic we will hear a lot about during this week’s M2Moms® in Chicago.  While marketers may be quick to set their sights on the ten percent of the population sitting on the leading edge of brands, experiences and culture, it is actually more rewarding to find joy in the everyday—a theme that will be the focus of an M2Moms® presentation led by Katherine Wintsch of The Martin Agency and Jamie Sohosky of Walmart.   A new national study reaffirms the idea that moms are looking for help in solving their everyday issues with 73 percent of women reporting to be sometimes disappointed with their purchase of household products, describing 25 percent fail to live up to expectations.  However, 84 percent of women do like to try innovative products they come across while shopping, and 96 percent reported they often seek out products for under $20 that can help with household needs.

It’s with these women in mind that P&G conceptualized the Have You Tried This Yet? campaign as a means to highlight unique, innovative products that meet the everyday needs of consumers. “At P&G we are committed to responding to our consumers’ needs and providing straightforward solutions for everyday issues,” says Nataraj Iyer, Associate Marketing Director P&G U.S. Operations. Fifty-one percent of women said they feel overwhelmed when shopping for family essentials. “The Have You Tried This Yet? initiative offers many of P&G’s most innovative products, which can help moms conveniently meet their daily needs, as well as those of their families.”

Have You Tried This Yet? will be supported through a variety of consumer touch-points. On Sunday, October 31, P&G will distribute a complimentary coupon booklet that features more than $113 in savings on the campaign’s featured innovative products, in local newspapers throughout the country.  And, from October 22-31, a free, interactive Have You Tried This Yet? Pop-Up experience will be open to the public in New York City and will offer free demonstrations and product samples from brands such as Tide®, Bounty®, Pringles®, Charmin®, Febreze®, COVERGIRL®, and Olay®, allowing consumers to experience first-hand the innovations and value each product offers.

Be sure to follow M2Moms® on Twitter this week to see more great insight from speakers such as Wintsch and Sohosky!  Follow #M2Moms

Moms make keeping their families healthy a top priority and will be a hot topic during this year’s M2Moms® as we learn from brands such as Seventh Generation, The Clorox Company and the Children’s Health Fund about new strategies for engaging moms in healthy conversations.  And as we approach the cold and flu season, marketers need to better understand what drives mom to make her health and wellness purchasing decisions.  According to a recent survey from KIWI magazine and Xigo Health’s “marketing to mom” panel held during the Natural Products Expo East in Boston, lack of information is the key to why moms may not be buying.  “I think retailers need to pay very close attention to moms and their specific needs when it comes to education on products,” says Maxine Wolf, the magazine’s publisher and past M2Moms® presenter.   “Our research shows that moms will buy more if they can get better information.”

During the panel, the moms discussed the importance of sampling products and coupons as an entry point and agreed that if the product seemed to be effective at preventing or decreasing the prevalence of illness that cost was not an issue. Panel members expressed the importance of making the shopping experience easier for families, giving specific suggestions; and discussed the importance of recommendations from friends and family and the commitment of the company to provide accessible education about ingredients.  “The panel reconfirmed that education is still the cornerstone for the natural product industry,” says Robert U. Craven, CEO of Xigo Health and Founder of LaunchNatural. “Moms are not afraid to buy from new companies or explore new ingredients, but they want information and therefore a constant dialog between the company, retailers and consumers is vital.”

Hear more from Seventh Generation, The Clorox Company, The Children’s Health Fund and other national brands during this week’s M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference. Follow us on Twitter for conference updates–#M2Moms.

According to a new study from the WhyMomsRule blog Gen Y is the first generation of U.S. moms who communicate with family members in their households with machines more than with face-to-face conversations.  The combination of phones, Facebook, text messages and email seem to outweigh direct conversations.  “Gen Y moms, the youngest group we studied, said in-person conversation accounted for only 48 percent of their total household communication. The majority was a combination of phone (21 percent), text (14 percent), Facebook (10 percent) and email (7 percent),” said David Bohan, Chairman and CEO of BOHAN Advertising | Marketing in Nashville, which publishes WhyMomsRule.  While social media use continues to be on the rise with moms of all ages as they communicate with their family and friends, don’t underestimate the power of offline conversations as well.  “Today’s moms are congregating and sharing their opinions about brands and products both online and offline,” says M2Moms® speaker Liz Hawks, SVP and Founding Co-chair of FH Moms at Fleishman-Hillard.  “As moms drive the new ‘word of mouth mash-up,’ marketers must consider ways to spark conversations with influencer moms that will spread to all of her circles.”  Hawks will be joined on the M2Moms® stage by Eileen Gaffen, Public Relations Director for Hallmark Cards as they share insight into how brands can build relationships with mom on her terms—and her turf.

Dad’s role in the American family has changed—a change we have witnessed over the last several years as brands such as Lego® have stepped onto the M2Moms® stage to share their insights into how their marketing to mom strategies now include targeting dads.  Because of the growing influence of dads in making family purchases, our friends at Mom Central Consulting, an Associate Sponsor of the 6th Annual M2Moms®, have launched Dad Central Consulting to help brands successfully reach the dad market.  To showcase the organization’s ability to understand, speak to and connect with dads, Dad Central Consulting recently published study results that show how dads are more involved with making household purchases, and make many decisions through a “Dad Lens™.”  Some key findings:

  • 77%  – being a dad significantly influences how I make decisions
  • 82%  – being a dad influences who I trust when I seek advice
  • 92%  – I make purchases through a dad Lens™
  • 68%  – my purchasing is influenced by the needs and interests of my family
  • 56%  – report making more purchasing decisions than before becoming a dad
  • 67%  – trust other dads more than TV or print advertising, or articles
  • Dads connect with other dads mainly through one-on-one conversations, work, Facebook, and email

“We recognize that dads play an increasingly important role in family purchase decisions. Whether the prevalence of dual-income families where both parents take an equal role in raising their children, the growth of single fathers raising children, or the active involvement in roles traditionally held by moms, the influence of dads has never been greater.  Just like moms, dads turn to their friends for support, and to influential dads online for parenting ideas, product suggestions, and trusted advice,” commented Mom Central CEO and founder Stacy DeBroff.  Stacy will be speaking during this year’s M2Moms®–don’t miss her presentation on “Influencer Marketing” and be sure to ask her about Dad Central Consulting.

As our summer days make way for the brisk fall air, we asked Doris Walsh, owner of Paramount Market Publishing, Inc., to give us three must-read marketing books we need to add to our end-of-summer reading list.  “These books are fun and evocative,” says Walsh.

The Art of the IdeaThe Art of the Idea and How It Can Change Your Life, John Hunt
The Art of the Idea provides a toolbox for achieving excellence and offers a new way of defining your world. By illustrating how to create space so ideas can breathe, it provides a lifeline to those who find themselves stuck in a rut. This creating thinking insight is accompanied by 20 original paintings and collages by the internationally acclaimed South African artist Sam Nhlengethwa. The Art of the Idea grants permission to trust your instincts, endure initial ridicule, and practice thinking as a team sport.

Brand About

BrandAbout:  A Seriously Playful Approach for Passionate Brand-Builders and Merchants, Andrea Syverson
BrandAbout is an experiential, do-it-yourself, creative playbook for energizing brands and their product lines and/or services. With 10 practical lessons based on more than 25 years of hands-on, in-the-trenches merchandising and marketing experience, BrandAbout provides companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—with more than 40 creative homework exercises that can be customized to their unique needs and applied over and over again.

Refocusing Focus Groups:  A Practical Guide, Robert Morais
A quick, but seriously helpful guide to the best practices for planning, designing, conducting and interpreting focus groups that draws upon techniques from psychology and anthropology.

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