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Kraft is giving moms something to laugh about with their new online video series starring mom-popular comedian Anita Renfroe.  From her side-splitting “you might be a mom if…” theories to her clever observations on clothing sizes and where forks and knives should be placed, Anita’s “snack-sized” videos are sure to resonate well with today’s busy moms.  The “You Gotta LOL” video series is produced and directed by Meredith Integrated Marketing with new episodes appearing every Monday morning at, which is also part of the brand’s recipe website—giving moms quick tips for dinner, lunch and snacks.     “We’re thrilled to work with Anita,” explains Julie Fleischer, Director, Consumer Relationship Marketing Strategy & Integration, at Kraft Foods.  “As people continue to struggle through economic times, we really wanted to offer them weekly light-hearted breaks and Anita’s real life humor is just perfect for that.”

More and more brands are turning to technology and the web to help mom stay optimistic about her life and future even during tough economic times as we will learn during this year’s M2Moms® as Brad Davis and Paul Yanover of Disney Online reveal insights from their latest study that show how moms use technology, online behavior, roles, preferences and aspirations—they will even look at specific examples of how these insights can drive effective marketing campaigns.

According to a new study from the WhyMomsRule blog Gen Y is the first generation of U.S. moms who communicate with family members in their households with machines more than with face-to-face conversations.  The combination of phones, Facebook, text messages and email seem to outweigh direct conversations.  “Gen Y moms, the youngest group we studied, said in-person conversation accounted for only 48 percent of their total household communication. The majority was a combination of phone (21 percent), text (14 percent), Facebook (10 percent) and email (7 percent),” said David Bohan, Chairman and CEO of BOHAN Advertising | Marketing in Nashville, which publishes WhyMomsRule.  While social media use continues to be on the rise with moms of all ages as they communicate with their family and friends, don’t underestimate the power of offline conversations as well.  “Today’s moms are congregating and sharing their opinions about brands and products both online and offline,” says M2Moms® speaker Liz Hawks, SVP and Founding Co-chair of FH Moms at Fleishman-Hillard.  “As moms drive the new ‘word of mouth mash-up,’ marketers must consider ways to spark conversations with influencer moms that will spread to all of her circles.”  Hawks will be joined on the M2Moms® stage by Eileen Gaffen, Public Relations Director for Hallmark Cards as they share insight into how brands can build relationships with mom on her terms—and her turf.

Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees & Wannabes, is teaming up with Dove® deodorant to not only promote her new book, Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials, but to also help foster communication between moms and daughters.  Starting this week, Wiseman will be hosting the Girl World Tour, a nationwide mother/daughter workshop, presented by Dove deodorant and the website  The goal of this eighty-city tour is to bring mothers and daughters together to learn how to effectively communicate with each other during the critical tween years so that moms can continue to be a resource for advice and support.  “It’s no secret that a child’s confidence often drops off as they enter their teen years; however, the good news is that parents can make a difference,” said Wiseman.  “In fact, the Unilever Tween Confidence Index found that there is a measurable relationship between tween confidence and the value they place on talks with their parents.  Which is why, I couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Dove deodorant to help parents and girls through this difficult stage of life.”  Adds Heather Mitchell, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Unilever Personal Care, Hair & Deodorants, “We recognize that the transition from the tween to teen years can be difficult and stressful; that’s why Unilever feels strongly about supporting initiatives like the Girl World Tour to help kids and parents navigate this stage of life.”  Past M2Moms® attendees will be familiar with Unilever’s success in connecting with moms.  From Sarah Jensen’s presentation on Suave’s “Say Yes to Beautiful” campaign to Rob Master and Babs Rangaiah’s insight into Dove’s “Real Beauty” initiatives, Unilever executives have shared new promotions and strategies from the M2Moms® stage—keeping with the tradition of giving our audience members a sneak peek inside the latest brand strategies for reaching today’s moms.  Who are you looking forward to hearing from this year—Kodak, Walmart, Universal Orlando Resort, Seventh Generation, Disney?  Don’t miss this year’s M2Moms®, October 27 & 28, 2010, at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Talk about focusing on the woman inside the mom—a popular M2Moms® theme and one featured in our “Swagger Wagon” M2Moms® E-ssential’s story a few weeks ago.  Writer Sue Fabisch, a familiar face at M2Moms®  and the force behind Mommy  Music, Inc., is launching “Motherhood The Musical,” a “joyous journey and loving look at the blessings and perils of being a Mom.”  The musical, which will have its world premiere on September 24th at the Rose & Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center in Davie, FL, should be a hilarious look inside motherhood with the description stating, “It’s climbing the emotional mountain only to find that there’s laundry at the top.  It’s discovering how powerful your love can be and how quickly they grow up.  It’s helping them find their way and not losing yours.  It’s about laughing and crying, craziness and calm, smiles and tears…and all before breakfast.”  But, the best line on the promotional flier could be used to describe some of our most favorite marketing to mom campaigns:  “It will remind you that it’s not just about Motherhood…it’s about you!”  Marketing to mom words to live by!

BabyCenter®, a brand that will be attending this year’s M2Moms®, just launched the BabyCenter® My Pregnancy Today application for iPhone and iPod touch.  This new, free application guides expectant moms through their pregnancy journey, offering award-winning, medically reviewed health content; advice from obstetricians, midwives, nutritionists, and other experts; daily activities and reminders; and conversation and connection with other moms-to-be in BabyCenter’s community. According to a recent BabyCenter poll, 60% of expectant moms want an application to track their pregnancy.  Additionally, BabyCenter revealed the use of technology among moms has drastically increased in just a few years, with 92% of moms saying they take their cell phones/smart phones everywhere.

Is your brand ready for “Mobile Mamas?”  Don’t miss this year’s M2Moms® Pre-Conference Workshop, “Marketing to Mobile Mamas Through Smart Phone Apps,” where experts from Frank About Women and Mullen will share insight into the tech-savvy mom’s use of technology and applications.

The challenges of modern day parenting can often lead to an interesting opportunity for marketers.  In response to the dynamic safety needs of today’s online teenagers, AOL has released a new product called Safe Social.  This tool provides parents a 360- degree view of their child’s social networking life, with an easy-to-read report card of overall social networking activity and identification of potential red flags.  With Safe Social, which does require up-front consent from the child, parents gain access to their teen’s friends list and what their teen posts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  Parents may also opt to receive real-time alerts regarding potential predator relationships and indications of at-risk behaviors, such as posted references to alcohol use or even bullying and suicide.  A recent AOL survey found that roughly one-third of parents (33%) feel they are mostly on top of things, but worry they aren’t seeing everything, while another 18% feel that it is tricky and too time consumer to keep up.  Additionally, 41% of parents say they know half or less than half of their children’s online friends.  So, how do kids feel about such a product?  The survey found that 45% of children said they would prefer this as compared to publicly being “friends” with a parent who is able to post on their page.

To learn more about how the dynamics of today’s families have changed, don’t miss the “The Evolution of Today’s American Families and What Marketers Should Know to Connect” Brand Panel during this year’s M2Moms®.

Huggies is moving beyond mommy bloggers and now has “baby bloggers.”  With the launch of, Huggies is giving babies a “proper place to dish to each other on the latest playground gossip and diaper fashion ‘dos and don’ts.’”  OK, they aren’t really “babies blogging” but rather a unique look at the mommy world through the eyes of a baby (or toddler).  While the commentary is fun (“I may still be in my Little Movers, but I know talent when I hear it.  Check out this clip of Jackie Evancho, an amazing 10 year old opera singer”), the site is also packed with great information for moms (“For all you mommas and dads out there with iPhones, check out this app from a modern eden called Speak, Piggy!”) and covers everything from celebrity news and fashion to music and current events.  “Babies have a lot to say, and Huggies knows that they’ve been crying to be heard for a long time,” says Stu Schneider, Huggies brand senior director. “With the launch of, Huggies is giving babies the chance to voice their opinions about all kinds of things, including the clothes they wear, the books their parents read to them and the fit of their diaper.”

Bounty’s back-to-school efforts include a music video that has garnered a whopping 650,000 viewers in less than two weeks!  Building off the success of Bounty’s first “Bring It” music video, which debuted on YouTube in March and has achieved over 1 million cumulative views to date, this newest video (“White Glove”) showcases a Bounty paper towel product demonstration set to rap lyrics performed by the “Paper Towel Gang” and it includes hip-hop legend Joseph ‘Rev Run’ Simmons of Run-DMC fame.  “We are so excited to debut our second music video from Bounty following the success and popularity of our debut video,” says Dave Lee, Bounty brand manager.  “Our idea to host the video in a school setting was to connect with our consumers as they get ready for the back-to-school season.  “White Glove” brings to life a Bounty clean in an engaging way and we are thrilled to have the added fun and support of Rev Run.”

The videos are part of Bounty’s “Bring It” campaign which is part of the brand’s mission to “cut through the clutter of connecting with moms in today’s ever-changing media landscape.”  In addition to the music video Bounty’s back-to-school efforts include a donation to the HandsOn Network, a kick-off at Russell Simmon’s Art for Life event supporting RUSH Philanthropic, and a national Facebook contest for an art classroom makeover.

Pampers® is taking parents on a ride through the parenthood with the launch of its new web-based series, “Welcome to Parenthood,” which is now airing on and can also be accessed from the brand’s Facebook page.  The 14-episode series, which is co-presented with Abbott, follows three sets of parents, all raising children at different ages and stages of development, as they experience challenges and joys of being Mom and Dad.  Each episode is also filled with practical new parenting advice and key takeaways from the featured couple as they try to tackle different parenting milestones from baby proofing their homes to potty training their toddlers.

Beginning July 5th, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until July 30th, a new “Welcome to Parenthood” episode will air on and the Pampers Facebook page. Viewers will be invited to participate in a sweepstakes in which they may share their own stories that are relevant to each episode’s theme on the Pampers Facebook page. For every episode that airs, three Facebook-generated stories will be selected to be a part of a Digital Story Book that will live on the Pampers Website. At the culmination of the series, one story will be selected, with its submitter receiving a free one-year supply of Pampers diapers.

The new parenting series was created and produced by The ZiZo Group, a digital content strategy company. “This series was created to celebrate parenthood and the challenges, joys, and excitement that comes with being a parent,” stated ZiZo President, Roger Fishman. “It brings to life the incredibly powerful mission and purpose of the Pampers brand, and is a shining example of how brands can connect with consumers through online content and communicate their message in an authentic and engaging way.”

Their products are everywhere—from Walmart and OfficeMax to the halls of Glee and the gift bags at the recent WNBA “Inspiring Women Luncheon.”  But now, M2Moms® Showcase Sponsor Carolina Pad is showing up in the most unusual of places—Bed Bath & Beyond.  As we head into the busy back-to-school shopping season, we recently spoke to April Whitlock, Director, Brand Management for Carolina Pad, on how the leader of fashionable school, office and organizational supplies is finding success with this unique partnership.

Q:  Can you tell us a little about your product partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond?
April Whitlock:
Our work with Bed Bath & Beyond continues our brand mission of bringing extraordinary design to everyday products.  We have tailored the designs for the specific Bed Bath & Beyond customer—giving their brand a great opportunity to take advantage of impulse purchases from traditional consumers as well as back-to-school shopping from the college students there to stock up their dorm.

Q:  This is definitely moving outside of the traditional “school supplies” aisle. Why did you decide to go this route?
Our research indicates that women of all ages love our product, so our goal is to increase our range of products, designs and retail channels to provide a solution for every need. We are very focused on the home office/small office consumer segment.

Q:  Although the back-to-school shopping season has just started, have you made any other changes to the way you market back-to-school to moms?
We are still very focused on connecting with our moms through online product reviews by our blog partners, giveaways and social media. We are more aggressive this year in the number of these promotions we are sponsoring. Our message is that with the Studio C by Carolina Pad products, there is a design that fits the style preferences of every student.

Q:  Your social media outreach was one of the reasons Carolina Pad received the “Full Circle Award” during last year’s M2W®-The Marketing To Women Conference.  Any new products we will see this back-to-school season?
We have book bags and totes at OfficeMax, Meijer and Walmart.

Q:  We are constantly looking for your products to show up on TV shows and movies and can’t wait to see the beautiful products you will be bringing to this year’s M2Moms®.  Thanks, April!

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