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10259172_722154514515849_168223016957912805_oIn preparation for its 2015 launch into the U.S. market, M2Moms® international attendee WaterWipes named long-time M2Moms® Sponsor Mom Central Consulting as its Agency of Record.

Mom Central Consulting, the flagship brand of digital and social media consulting firm Influence Central, specializes in the Mom Market, working with national brands to develop powerful influencer marketing programs that generate meaningful results.

Mom Central Consulting will craft an overall marketing strategy designed to help the company grow brand awareness and strengthen its U.S. market share by launching word-of-mouth campaigns, connecting with consumers, developing comprehensive digital strategies, devising sampling programs, and promoting retail partners and initiatives.

“After an extensive pitch process, Mom Central stood out as the agency we most wanted to work with because of their incredible insight and experience into how Mums feel, behave, and interact with the world,” said Edward McCloskey, Chairman and CEO, of WaterWipes. “We are thrilled to be working with them and feel already that they are our marketing department in the U.S. which is really important to us not being permanently based there.”


Did you miss the Trone’s  presentation on the “Six Universal Mom Tugs™” during this year’s M2Moms®–or do you want to see it again?   If so, you’re in luck—Trone Moms is offering a free webinar on “Mom Tugs™” on Wednesday, November 10th at 1 PM EST.  This encore presentation will give brand leaders and marketers a better understanding of how they fit into mom’s worldview.  Through in-store journaling, quantitative research and their own online mom community, Trone looked at how Tugs pull at mom’s brand affinities as well as her in-the-moment, in-store decisions.  Understanding the Tugs at play can show brands where their opportunities lie in everything from product development to brand messaging to packaging and in-store tactics.  Register now for the November 10th webinar at

Did you miss this year’s M2Moms® or are you looking to share with your colleagues and peers some of those great quotes and videos you heard during the conference?  We’ve put together some of the best quotes and videos shared from the stage of this year’s M2Moms®.  There were so many great moments—share your best M2Moms® quote or video with us!

Nicole Green, SVP, Brand Evangelist, Frank About Women:  “Moms can manage motherhood on their iPhone—from conception and beyond.”

Stephen Larkin, SVP, Brand Evangelist, Mullen:  “The app will become an added value that consumers will come to expect from a brand.”

Susan Stoev, Director, Current Product Marketing, Eastman Kodak:  “You don’t have to have a baby in your ad in order to market to moms.”

Brad Davis, SVP & West Coast Multimedia Lead Disney Online Ad Sales:  “Mom plays at least 3 out of 4 of these roles daily:  caregiver, entertainer, CEO of the household, family historian.”

Paul Yanover, EVP & Managing Director, Disney Online:  “Mom has become an early adopter of technology.”

Ian Wolfman, CMO, imc2:  “You can align your business objectives with doing good in the world. Moms expect more from their brands.”

Heidi Murkoff, Author What to Expect When You’re Expecting & Founder, WhatToExpect Franchise:  “Motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood.”

Carolina Petrini, VP, Market Research,  “50% of pregnant women/new moms used/plan to use sites with social networking on the day their babies are born.”

Jon Albert, Founder & President, Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation:  “When it comes to cancer, whether mom is the patient or mom is the caregiver–mom is the spokesperson for the family.”

Cindy Gordon, SVP, Digital and Social Media, 360 Public Relations:  “Cool cuts through, even to moms.”

Robin Yontz, VP, Creative Director, Trone, Inc.:  “Parents complete 26-28 different tasks before they leave the house in the morning.”

Stacy DeBroff, Founder & CEO, Mom Central Consulting:  “A social media campaign is greater than the sum of its CPM parts.”

Mike Swenson, President, Barkley:  “The most successful cause marketing campaigns make people feel good about themselves.”

Amanda Stevens, Managing Director, Splash Consulting Group:  “Busy-ness is the new social status for moms.”

Jackie Bird, CEO, Redbean Society:  “The reality is there is no such thing as total assimilation in today’s society—we are not abandoning one culture for another, we are layering them.”

Carley Roney, Editor in Chief, The Bump, Co-Founder, The Knot:  “When it comes to Facebook, moms invited your brand to the party, but you are not the guest of honor.”

Kelley Skoloda, Partner/Director, Global Brand Marketing Practice, Ketchum:  “Moms have a natural instinct to help other moms and their families.”

Symon Whitehorn, Director Design Strategy, Eastman Kodak:  “How do you help mom capture the moment and live in it at the same time?”

Josh Perlstein, President, Response Media:  “Relationships break through the clutter in mom’s life.”

Liz Hawks, SVP and Founding Co-Chair of FH Moms, Fleishman-Hillard:  “When it comes to mom, marketers are still working from the wrong profile.”

Neil Ford, Director, Digital Sales, Midwest, Gannett Digital Media Group:  “Moms prefer sites with a local emphasis—the trend is causing a push for ‘hyper-local’ online content.”

Katherine Wintsch, VP and Group Planning Director, The Martin Agency:  “Motherhood is the most rewarding job on the planet.  It’s rewarding because it’s hard.”

Some of our favorite videos shared by our sponsors and presenters:

Snippies:  Non Traditional Families

Kodak:  Sharing with Dad

Kodak:  So Kodak 1, So Kodak 2, So Kodak 3

imc2:  Secret, Let Her Jump

JAJF:  Live Like You Were Dying

Clorox:  Children’s Health Fund

Trone:  Healthtex Hold On

Snippies:  Mobile Moms

Hallmark:  Connecting Families, Creating Memories

Walmart:  Little Things

As if we already didn’t know that every speaker, sponsor and attendee at M2Moms® is top-notch—our friends at SheKnows was recently awarded the 2010 OMMA for Website Excellence Award in the Family/Parenting/Women’s Interest category as well as the Members Choice Award for Website Excellence.  The Website Excellence Award is given to web publishers and/or web developers whose outstanding content, visual design and user interface create recurring value for both advertisers and end-users.  In particular, the Family/Parenting/Women’s Interest category is given to any website whose content is principally related to family issues, parenting/child rearing tips, family activities and other information principally aimed at women visitors.

In addition, SheKnows was a MediaPost community favorite by winning the Members Choice Award for Website Excellence which is voted on by the members of   “We are beyond thrilled and honored to have won two OMMA Awards this year,” stated Kyle Cox, General Manager for SheKnows. “We strive to make SheKnows the ultimate destination for women providing expert information and advice, entertainment and a strong community. We also pride ourselves on going beyond the banner by offering marketers innovative sponsorships and creative integrations that are an uninterrupted part of the user experience while resonating with our readers.”

Be sure to meet the team of SheKnows during this year’s M2Moms®.  They are the sponsors of the Networking Luncheon on Day 2 of the conference where attendees have the opportunity to “Dine & Dish” with some of today’s leading marketing to women experts!

According to a new study from the WhyMomsRule blog Gen Y is the first generation of U.S. moms who communicate with family members in their households with machines more than with face-to-face conversations.  The combination of phones, Facebook, text messages and email seem to outweigh direct conversations.  “Gen Y moms, the youngest group we studied, said in-person conversation accounted for only 48 percent of their total household communication. The majority was a combination of phone (21 percent), text (14 percent), Facebook (10 percent) and email (7 percent),” said David Bohan, Chairman and CEO of BOHAN Advertising | Marketing in Nashville, which publishes WhyMomsRule.  While social media use continues to be on the rise with moms of all ages as they communicate with their family and friends, don’t underestimate the power of offline conversations as well.  “Today’s moms are congregating and sharing their opinions about brands and products both online and offline,” says M2Moms® speaker Liz Hawks, SVP and Founding Co-chair of FH Moms at Fleishman-Hillard.  “As moms drive the new ‘word of mouth mash-up,’ marketers must consider ways to spark conversations with influencer moms that will spread to all of her circles.”  Hawks will be joined on the M2Moms® stage by Eileen Gaffen, Public Relations Director for Hallmark Cards as they share insight into how brands can build relationships with mom on her terms—and her turf.

Dad’s role in the American family has changed—a change we have witnessed over the last several years as brands such as Lego® have stepped onto the M2Moms® stage to share their insights into how their marketing to mom strategies now include targeting dads.  Because of the growing influence of dads in making family purchases, our friends at Mom Central Consulting, an Associate Sponsor of the 6th Annual M2Moms®, have launched Dad Central Consulting to help brands successfully reach the dad market.  To showcase the organization’s ability to understand, speak to and connect with dads, Dad Central Consulting recently published study results that show how dads are more involved with making household purchases, and make many decisions through a “Dad Lens™.”  Some key findings:

  • 77%  – being a dad significantly influences how I make decisions
  • 82%  – being a dad influences who I trust when I seek advice
  • 92%  – I make purchases through a dad Lens™
  • 68%  – my purchasing is influenced by the needs and interests of my family
  • 56%  – report making more purchasing decisions than before becoming a dad
  • 67%  – trust other dads more than TV or print advertising, or articles
  • Dads connect with other dads mainly through one-on-one conversations, work, Facebook, and email

“We recognize that dads play an increasingly important role in family purchase decisions. Whether the prevalence of dual-income families where both parents take an equal role in raising their children, the growth of single fathers raising children, or the active involvement in roles traditionally held by moms, the influence of dads has never been greater.  Just like moms, dads turn to their friends for support, and to influential dads online for parenting ideas, product suggestions, and trusted advice,” commented Mom Central CEO and founder Stacy DeBroff.  Stacy will be speaking during this year’s M2Moms®–don’t miss her presentation on “Influencer Marketing” and be sure to ask her about Dad Central Consulting.

According to a new study from Lucid Marketing and Lisa Finn, moms are hooked on Twitter—with more than half (54%) of those using Twitter checking their feeds 10 or more times daily.  The study found that moms use Twitter to find out about new products and keep up with businesses they like, but they’re also interested in getting links to news and articles on topics that matter to them.  In fact, moms’ top two reasons for using Twitter are networking/meeting new people (77%) and keeping up with news (60%).

So, what do moms want from businesses who tweet?  Moms want businesses to tweet with links to articles that interest them, special offers or sales, and downloadable coupons. They’re also receptive to tweets that are simply entertaining. “Twitter is often thought of as a broadcast medium for the latest news, but for many people it is a very personal experience,” said Kevin Burke, president of Lucid Marketing.

The majority of moms like to see humor in businesses’ tweets, and in open-ended responses describing what they like about the businesses they follow, moms say they like tweets with personality, and companies that interact with them on Twitter.  “Marketers are looking for ways to forge personal, authentic connections with consumers, and I was struck by how much moms appreciate getting a sense that there’s a real person behind the company. Not only are they open to companies showing some personality in tweets; they actively want that,” said Lisa Finn, coauthor of the report.

For more information or to purchase the report, please visit

Springboard Consulting LLC recently honored Toys ‘R’ Us with a Disability Matters Award in the category of Marketing/Marketplace in part for their annual Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids, an easy-to-use resource featuring specially selected toys that aid in the development of children with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities.  As the mother of two children with special needs and the founder and president of Springboard Consulting, popular M2Moms® speaker Nadine Vogel has long been a fan of the Toys ‘R’ Us Toy Guide telling us last fall that in addition to being visually appealing and easy to use, the Toy Guide was appropriate and authentic—representing a variety of disabilities in content and photos, including ‘hidden disabilities.’

According to Vogel, having a big retailer such as Toys ‘R’ Us put such an emphasis on families with special needs children sends an important message to consumers and brands.  “It says in a very big way that just like any other family, parents who have children with special needs make purchasing decisions about where to shop, what to buy, etc. with their child’s needs and interests first and foremost,” says Vogel.  And with approximately 23 million parents who have at least one child between the ages of 5-16 with a disability, this demographic group has become a vital part of any brand’s marketing to mom strategy.  Adds Vogel, “If you’re not marketing to this very large, loyal population, you’re really missing out!”

Awards were also given out in the categories of Diversity/Workforce, Work Life/Workplace, and Small Business.  “The disability community is the largest and fastest growing minority segment in the world, and in the U.S., it surpasses the Hispanic population by 5 percent,” said Vogel.  “Meeting the needs of this most important segment through workforce, workplace, and marketplace initiatives can no longer be considered just a strategic advantage.  It must be approached as a business imperative.”

You can meet Nadine Vogel during this year’s M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference, October 27 & 28, 2010, at the Chicago Cultural Center.

2010 M2Moms® Workshop Sponsor 360 Public Relations is the recipient of nearly 20 public relations industry award nominations in 2010, earning SABRE, Bronze Anvil, PR Week and Bell Ringer honors.  360PR campaigns for clients have been recognized as best in class in the areas of product launches and publicity, special events, blogger relations, and website design.  Honors were given to such mom-driven initiatives as the PBS KIDS mom blogger campaign, presented during last year’s M2Moms® Pre-Con Workshop, which received a gold Bell Ringer award from the Publicity Club of New England as well as a 2010 Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation.  Awards were also given to campaigns for Dorel Juvenile Group, and ‘Snuggie® on the Runway’.  “We’ve been able to break through and do some great things for clients in the past year, with clients who believe in the power of PR and are committed to communications excellence,” said 360PR managing director Laura Tomasetti. “Award programs such as those by The Holmes Report, PR Week, PRSA and the Publicity Club help all of us in the industry raise the bar and continually learn from each other.”

2010 M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference Hospitality Sponsor SheKnows, one of the fastest-growing online destinations for women, has just released a new book for moms, The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know (that no one else will tell you). Written by parenting expert and contributor Jen Klein, the book offers first-hand advice and peer support that many moms may not be getting from their girlfriends or their own mothers. Topics range from postpartum and diapers to picking a pediatrician and acknowledging you are no longer the person you were before baby and gives readers an honest look at motherhood. In addition to The Mommy Files, SheKnows has also released The Best Sex of Your Life by Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi. “This is first time has ever produced books and we really wanted the books to reflect the tone of our content on the site,” said Alison Bills, editor-in-chief of With a community of nearly 45 million visitors, SheKnows has a built-in marketing channel when it comes to reaching moms. In addition to running banner ads throughout the site, they also included an announcement of the new books in their newsletter and ran excerpts on SheKnows Parenting,, SheKnows Love & Sex, and

Click here to buy your copy of  The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know (that no one else will tell you!) now.

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