Despite the ubiquity of social media, the convenience of online shopping and the looming deadline of The First Day of School, a new survey shows more moms take a traditional route when shopping for Back-To-School.j0439398 M2Moms® sponsor School Family Media, Inc., a marketing and media services company focused exclusively on promoting and enabling meaningful parent involvement at K-8 schools, recently released the results of their 2011 Back-to-School Shopping Survey.

The results were just released on June 23, and already the buzz is hot. School Family Media’s John Driscoll says he has fielded calls from retail associations, a major credit card company and some college professors.

The results, garnered in June 2011 via an online survey with 1,400 women with school age kids responding, reveal some unexpected trends in moms’ shopping preferences and intentions for the upcoming back-to-school season.

“We work with moms all year, across all demographics, who are engaged with their kids’ education, so we were uniquely positioned to gain and share some insights about moms’ attitudes regarding back-to-school shopping,” said Driscoll, who is President – Consumer Connections at School Family Media. “What we found interesting was that despite the emergence of new technologies and communication platforms, moms aren’t planning on utilizing these much when it comes to their back-to-school shopping. In fact, social media was moms’ least preferred method for receiving information about products and promotions, and 90 percent of moms still planned to make the majority of their purchases at actual stores versus online.”

Moms did show they are active online and receptive to marketing outreach when it comes to their email inbox however. Over 70 percent chose “Email from brand/store” as one of their most preferred ways to receive information about back-to-school products and promotions.

According to the survey, moms are:

  • Not looking to social media for information about products and promotions
  • Making majority of purchases at actual stores vs. online
  • Spending more this year, compared to last year – but still price-conscious
  • Not rushing to complete shopping before the first day of school

For more survey information and stats, check out the press release. For complete survey results, contact John Driscoll. And here are more stats on marketing to moms.