Here are some of the recent marketing-to-moms headlines in the news:

Modern Mom More Than “…A Regular Woman” – According to a recent Nielsen Company study, 34% of American households are home to kids under 18, and modern moms wear many hats and play many roles.  These moms are 19% more likely than the general population to engage in social networking, and even more likely to become a fan or follow a brand (31% more likely), become a fan or follow a celebrity (24% more likely) and comment on others postings (27% more likely) (MediaPost Research Brief, 5/18/11).

Do Women Bloggers Want To Work With Your Brand? – Blog community provider BlogFrog surveyed female bloggers in the US to discover what kinds of partnerships with brands were more desirable and how women bloggers thought brand relationships should work. About three-quarters of those surveyed were moms; eMarketer estimates 4 million mothers in the US will write a blog at least monthly this year (eMarketer, 5/16/11).

Chicken of the Sea Uses Social Mermaid to Revitalize the Brand

Seafood shelf products such as canned tuna have long been kind of a conservative grocery brand vertical, with a heavy reliance on healthy claims for awareness and couponing to move items in the checkout line. But Chicken of the Sea has decided to try to break out of that shoal and hook customers with an integrated campaign that brings its iconic “mermaid’ character to a number of different platforms, from Web video spots and Facebook to Twitter, casual games and sweepstakes (Promo Magazine, 5/17/11).