There are numerous brands dipping their toes into the cause-marketing water when it comes to their marketing to mom strategies.  We heard from several of those brands during this year’s M2Moms® such as Clorox who recently teamed up with the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) to launch a two-year program that will help CHF provide half a million health care visits to kids in need.  “Moms are a lot of things, but first and foremost, they are caretakers,” said M2Moms® presenter Kelley Skoloda of Ketchum as she introduced us to the Clorox/CHF initiative.  “Moms have a natural instinct to help other moms and their families.”

BabyCenter® is the latest brand to tap into mom’s instinct to do good by partnering with the Grameen Foundation to support innovative mobile healthcare for expectant mothers in the developing world via a fundraising and education campaign.  As part of this partnership, BabyCenter provides expert health information tailored specifically to pregnant women in rural communities of Ghana.  Deployed via mobile phones, the objective is to promote healthy pregnancies and encourage women to seek prenatal care as well as offer advice on topics such as breastfeeding, immunizations and how to manage pregnancy-related costs.  BabyCenter has also added a new section to its website dedicated to raising awareness and donations for Grameen Foundation’s mobile health education initiatives, with the potential to reach more than 8 million moms in the U.S. and more than 20 million moms worldwide.   “BabyCenter is committed to bringing vital health information to mothers around the world and to empowering these women to take control over their own health,” said Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President of BabyCenter. Sharkey was a speaker during last year’s M2W®-HC™-The Marketing Pharma and Healthcare to Women Conference.   “There are large populations of women in developing nations who don’t have access to books, the Internet, or even regular visits with their healthcare professionals, but they do have basic mobile phones. Our collaboration with Grameen Foundation allows us to reach these underserved women; doing what we can to help raise funds and awareness for this program brings us one step closer to our shared goal of improving maternal health worldwide.”