Moms make keeping their families healthy a top priority and will be a hot topic during this year’s M2Moms® as we learn from brands such as Seventh Generation, The Clorox Company and the Children’s Health Fund about new strategies for engaging moms in healthy conversations.  And as we approach the cold and flu season, marketers need to better understand what drives mom to make her health and wellness purchasing decisions.  According to a recent survey from KIWI magazine and Xigo Health’s “marketing to mom” panel held during the Natural Products Expo East in Boston, lack of information is the key to why moms may not be buying.  “I think retailers need to pay very close attention to moms and their specific needs when it comes to education on products,” says Maxine Wolf, the magazine’s publisher and past M2Moms® presenter.   “Our research shows that moms will buy more if they can get better information.”

During the panel, the moms discussed the importance of sampling products and coupons as an entry point and agreed that if the product seemed to be effective at preventing or decreasing the prevalence of illness that cost was not an issue. Panel members expressed the importance of making the shopping experience easier for families, giving specific suggestions; and discussed the importance of recommendations from friends and family and the commitment of the company to provide accessible education about ingredients.  “The panel reconfirmed that education is still the cornerstone for the natural product industry,” says Robert U. Craven, CEO of Xigo Health and Founder of LaunchNatural. “Moms are not afraid to buy from new companies or explore new ingredients, but they want information and therefore a constant dialog between the company, retailers and consumers is vital.”

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