The “Seal of Approval” idea has gone digital thanks to an innovative community of moms.  TwitterMoms, an online community site for nearly 30,000 of the most influential moms in social media, has developed the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval, a concept that puts household products into the homes of opinionated moms who evaluate them during real-life situations following a standardized evaluation process.  To be awarded the Seal of Approval, a product must meet or exceed expectations in all areas of the evaluation 85% of the time and the same percentage of evaluators must be willing to recommend the product to others.  “Moms trust moms above all else,” says Megan Calhoun, Founder of “Traditional seal programs rely on lab technicians, sterile environments, and black boxes for their analysis. Our moms put products through their paces in their homes, and color their commentary and evaluations with their own real-life experiences — something that just can’t be replicated in a lab.”  The first two products to be awarded the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval are Quickie Microfiber Twist Mop and P&G’s Ultra Concentrated Dawn dishwashing liquid.  “We were excited to give this new take on the traditional seal program a try,” says Susan Baba, External Relations Manager for the Dawn brand at P&G. “We were even more excited to see how Ultra Concentrated Dawn met or exceed value and performance expectations in a blind study.”

Leveraging an online community of influential moms is a hot topic during this year’s M2Moms® and one that will be featured in several presentations including the “Winning Over the Cool Mom” Workshop which includes a panel moderated by Cindy Gordon, SVP of 360 Public Relations, and will introduce attendees to three “cool giants:” Molly O’Donnell of Xbox, Donna Mirus Bates of Universal Orlando and Jyl Johnson Founder of Mom It Forward/Girls Night Out.