Dad’s role in the American family has changed—a change we have witnessed over the last several years as brands such as Lego® have stepped onto the M2Moms® stage to share their insights into how their marketing to mom strategies now include targeting dads.  Because of the growing influence of dads in making family purchases, our friends at Mom Central Consulting, an Associate Sponsor of the 6th Annual M2Moms®, have launched Dad Central Consulting to help brands successfully reach the dad market.  To showcase the organization’s ability to understand, speak to and connect with dads, Dad Central Consulting recently published study results that show how dads are more involved with making household purchases, and make many decisions through a “Dad Lens™.”  Some key findings:

  • 77%  – being a dad significantly influences how I make decisions
  • 82%  – being a dad influences who I trust when I seek advice
  • 92%  – I make purchases through a dad Lens™
  • 68%  – my purchasing is influenced by the needs and interests of my family
  • 56%  – report making more purchasing decisions than before becoming a dad
  • 67%  – trust other dads more than TV or print advertising, or articles
  • Dads connect with other dads mainly through one-on-one conversations, work, Facebook, and email

“We recognize that dads play an increasingly important role in family purchase decisions. Whether the prevalence of dual-income families where both parents take an equal role in raising their children, the growth of single fathers raising children, or the active involvement in roles traditionally held by moms, the influence of dads has never been greater.  Just like moms, dads turn to their friends for support, and to influential dads online for parenting ideas, product suggestions, and trusted advice,” commented Mom Central CEO and founder Stacy DeBroff.  Stacy will be speaking during this year’s M2Moms®–don’t miss her presentation on “Influencer Marketing” and be sure to ask her about Dad Central Consulting.