Talk about focusing on the woman inside the mom—a popular M2Moms® theme and one featured in our “Swagger Wagon” M2Moms® E-ssential’s story a few weeks ago.  Writer Sue Fabisch, a familiar face at M2Moms®  and the force behind Mommy  Music, Inc., is launching “Motherhood The Musical,” a “joyous journey and loving look at the blessings and perils of being a Mom.”  The musical, which will have its world premiere on September 24th at the Rose & Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center in Davie, FL, should be a hilarious look inside motherhood with the description stating, “It’s climbing the emotional mountain only to find that there’s laundry at the top.  It’s discovering how powerful your love can be and how quickly they grow up.  It’s helping them find their way and not losing yours.  It’s about laughing and crying, craziness and calm, smiles and tears…and all before breakfast.”  But, the best line on the promotional flier could be used to describe some of our most favorite marketing to mom campaigns:  “It will remind you that it’s not just about Motherhood…it’s about you!”  Marketing to mom words to live by!