The challenges of modern day parenting can often lead to an interesting opportunity for marketers.  In response to the dynamic safety needs of today’s online teenagers, AOL has released a new product called Safe Social.  This tool provides parents a 360- degree view of their child’s social networking life, with an easy-to-read report card of overall social networking activity and identification of potential red flags.  With Safe Social, which does require up-front consent from the child, parents gain access to their teen’s friends list and what their teen posts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  Parents may also opt to receive real-time alerts regarding potential predator relationships and indications of at-risk behaviors, such as posted references to alcohol use or even bullying and suicide.  A recent AOL survey found that roughly one-third of parents (33%) feel they are mostly on top of things, but worry they aren’t seeing everything, while another 18% feel that it is tricky and too time consumer to keep up.  Additionally, 41% of parents say they know half or less than half of their children’s online friends.  So, how do kids feel about such a product?  The survey found that 45% of children said they would prefer this as compared to publicly being “friends” with a parent who is able to post on their page.

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