Huggies is moving beyond mommy bloggers and now has “baby bloggers.”  With the launch of, Huggies is giving babies a “proper place to dish to each other on the latest playground gossip and diaper fashion ‘dos and don’ts.’”  OK, they aren’t really “babies blogging” but rather a unique look at the mommy world through the eyes of a baby (or toddler).  While the commentary is fun (“I may still be in my Little Movers, but I know talent when I hear it.  Check out this clip of Jackie Evancho, an amazing 10 year old opera singer”), the site is also packed with great information for moms (“For all you mommas and dads out there with iPhones, check out this app from a modern eden called Speak, Piggy!”) and covers everything from celebrity news and fashion to music and current events.  “Babies have a lot to say, and Huggies knows that they’ve been crying to be heard for a long time,” says Stu Schneider, Huggies brand senior director. “With the launch of, Huggies is giving babies the chance to voice their opinions about all kinds of things, including the clothes they wear, the books their parents read to them and the fit of their diaper.”