Pampers® is taking parents on a ride through the parenthood with the launch of its new web-based series, “Welcome to Parenthood,” which is now airing on and can also be accessed from the brand’s Facebook page.  The 14-episode series, which is co-presented with Abbott, follows three sets of parents, all raising children at different ages and stages of development, as they experience challenges and joys of being Mom and Dad.  Each episode is also filled with practical new parenting advice and key takeaways from the featured couple as they try to tackle different parenting milestones from baby proofing their homes to potty training their toddlers.

Beginning July 5th, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until July 30th, a new “Welcome to Parenthood” episode will air on and the Pampers Facebook page. Viewers will be invited to participate in a sweepstakes in which they may share their own stories that are relevant to each episode’s theme on the Pampers Facebook page. For every episode that airs, three Facebook-generated stories will be selected to be a part of a Digital Story Book that will live on the Pampers Website. At the culmination of the series, one story will be selected, with its submitter receiving a free one-year supply of Pampers diapers.

The new parenting series was created and produced by The ZiZo Group, a digital content strategy company. “This series was created to celebrate parenthood and the challenges, joys, and excitement that comes with being a parent,” stated ZiZo President, Roger Fishman. “It brings to life the incredibly powerful mission and purpose of the Pampers brand, and is a shining example of how brands can connect with consumers through online content and communicate their message in an authentic and engaging way.”