Why aren’t moms buying more organic deli meats?  A new survey released by Applegate Farms, a producer of natural and organic meats and cheeses, found that 49 percent of moms don’t buy organic deli meat because of price while 26 percent said they can’t find organic deli products where they live and shop.

The survey also found that 45 percent of moms would buy more organic deli meats for their kids if they better understood the benefits with 36 percent of moms were not sure, or thought that organic and natural mean the same thing on a deli meat label.  “So many people are confused when it comes to what different terms like organic, conventional or natural mean,” says Amy Marlow, MPH, RD.  “And as the recession continues, it’s tough to make a decision about buying more organic and natural foods, since they are sometimes more expensive.  People need to know what they’re getting for the money.”