A recent national survey, commissioned by Playtex®, revealed that 85 percent of first-time moms have experienced at least one feeding-related problem when caring for their new baby.  “Moms spend more time feeding their babies than any other interaction during the first year,” shares Dr. William Sears, renowned pediatrician and author of more than 30 books on childcare.  “Feeding a baby is more than simply a means of providing nutrition, it’s an important bonding moment.  This bonding time can be interrupted by stress and anxiety when new parents encounter feeding complications.”

The national survey shed light on specific challenges, problems and questions of new moms when it comes to feeding their babies, including:

  • Not as Easy as it Looks: While first-time moms feel that feeding their baby is an important and enjoyable activity, nearly half of those surveyed (43 percent) confessed that feeding was a challenge they faced in caring for their new baby.
  • Food for Thought: Nearly half of first-time moms (49 percent) cited gas as their top feeding problem, followed by difficulty breastfeeding (37 percent), fussiness or difficulty feeding (33 percent) and problems latching or sucking (32 percent). The majority of moms surveyed (70 percent) share a common problem determining that their baby is eating enough during feedings.
  • A Bonding Experience: Infant feeding is an important bonding moment and favorite for many.  In fact, 86 percent of survey respondents agreed time spent feeding their baby is an important bonding moment.  In addition, nearly one in four moms (24 percent) said feeding was their favorite bonding moment during their daily routine.
  • In Need of Guidance: Moms are searching for answers and validation as they become feeding “experts” for their own baby.  According to the survey, more than half of first-time moms (56 percent) ask feeding-related questions during their regular pediatrician appointments; with more than one in four (26 percent) doing so at every visit.

“Newborn babies intuitively know how to eat using a sucking, swallowing and breathing rhythm that comes naturally to them,” said Jon Jager, senior brand manager, Playtex Infant Care.  “Despite this natural instinct, first-time parents and their babies routinely encounter feeding related problems.  To help educate new moms and encourage further awareness of feeding challenges, Playtex, with our pediatric partners, has developed tips that will provide the solutions parents need to enjoy feeding moments with their baby.” Those tips can be found on the brand’s website, www.playtexbaby.com.