Woman hand holding flashlightRayovac used insight from its recent survey of moms, to help launch their latest campaign, Rayovac Powers Your Summer, which is running now through July 20th.  In partnership with the expert moms from 5MinutesForMom.com, the campaign uses Facebook and the brand’s website to offer up great summertime family tips and a chance for moms to win prizes each day.   “Rayovac is dedicated to helping moms and families power up their summer while also helping them save money,” says Kent Klagos, division vice president Rayovac Marketing.  “Rayovac batteries and products offer More Power For Your Money which puts the power back in moms’ hands.”

The survey uncovered some fun facts about how moms and their families will be spending their time this summer:

  • Road Trip! – Seventy-seven percent of moms stated their families are headed on a road trip this summer.
  • Name That Tune – To keep kids occupied in the car while taking a summer road trip, 60 percent of moms sing songs with their families.  To give the vocal chords a rest, five out of 10 moms have their children watch movies on a portable DVD player.
  • Summer Research Queen – While 29 percent of moms stated they add the power of fun to their family’s summer by planning stay-at-home activities such as backyard picnics and campouts, 61 percent would rather research and participate in fun activities and events taking place in their communities.
  • Losing Power – An overwhelming 75 percent of moms claim they lose power when it comes to ideas for the family over the summer.
  • It Clicks – Moms take a lot of photos to capture summer memories.  Fifty-two percent claim to take more than 300 photos over the summer months.
  • Drip, Drop – When it rains, it still pours fun.  Moms reveal they still keep the power of fun alive by participating in rainy day activities ranging from playing video games (79 percent) and watching movies or TV (99 percent) to making arts and crafts (92 percent) and taking a trip to the library (83 percent).
  • Day at the Beach – Moms, kids and families will have their day at the beach this summer with 67 percent planning to visit the sand and surf.
  • What a Wild Summer! – Seven out of 10 moms plan to take their families to the zoo over summer break.