According to a new study from Lucid Marketing and Lisa Finn, moms are hooked on Twitter—with more than half (54%) of those using Twitter checking their feeds 10 or more times daily.  The study found that moms use Twitter to find out about new products and keep up with businesses they like, but they’re also interested in getting links to news and articles on topics that matter to them.  In fact, moms’ top two reasons for using Twitter are networking/meeting new people (77%) and keeping up with news (60%).

So, what do moms want from businesses who tweet?  Moms want businesses to tweet with links to articles that interest them, special offers or sales, and downloadable coupons. They’re also receptive to tweets that are simply entertaining. “Twitter is often thought of as a broadcast medium for the latest news, but for many people it is a very personal experience,” said Kevin Burke, president of Lucid Marketing.

The majority of moms like to see humor in businesses’ tweets, and in open-ended responses describing what they like about the businesses they follow, moms say they like tweets with personality, and companies that interact with them on Twitter.  “Marketers are looking for ways to forge personal, authentic connections with consumers, and I was struck by how much moms appreciate getting a sense that there’s a real person behind the company. Not only are they open to companies showing some personality in tweets; they actively want that,” said Lisa Finn, coauthor of the report.

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