A new study, commissioned by Kimberly Clark’s Huggies Brand, reveals a startling issue – 1 in 3 American mothers struggle to provide diapers for their babies. “This issue of ‘diaper need’ – mothers struggling to provide diapers for their babies – is serious and has been largely unrecognized until now. This study helps us understand the true scope that this type of material hardship may have, both physically and emotionally, for babies and mothers,” said Dr. Cybele Raver, a lead researcher on the study and professor at New York University. “Diapering is an important ritual that offers parents and babies valuable time to create a warm and positive emotional connection. This study helps us to understand the ways that many mothers feel distressed when they are faced with situations where they don’t have enough diapers for routine changes. It is clear from this study that not having enough diapers makes the job of parenting more difficult.”

This study has promoted Huggies to develop a nationwide response—Every Little Bottom.  As a first step, Huggies will donate up to 20 million diapers in the U.S. in the next eight months—kicking off the donation with two million diapers given to ten local diaper banks across the country.  In addition, these diaper banks are working with Huggies to help develop a sustainable solution to diaper need.  The solution will include building awareness of diaper need, making additional diaper donations, and forging national and local partnerships that will provide the community-based support needed.  Huggies has already forged partnerships with several organizations to help spread the word about diaper need and get people involved at the community level such as the March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, United Way, National Coalition of Pastors’ Spouses, National Latina Health Network, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, and many Junior Leagues.  “We now better understand the widespread extent of diaper need in this country, and Huggies is committed to getting diapers to babies in need. We understand that diaper donations are only part of the solution.” said Stu Schneider, senior director of the Huggies Brand. “For Huggies, this is just the beginning of our long-term commitment to help, and we encourage communities around the country to join us in supporting this issue.”