Eastman Kodak Company has taken the iconic phrase “Kodak Moment” to an entirely new level with its latest “Real Moments” campaign. Developed by Partners + Napier, the lead brand strategy agency for Kodak, the campaign has moved the moment from just taking the picture, to the more powerful moment of sharing the picture. “The power of the picture is not necessarily the picture itself, but in the story within the picture—the memories and the emotions,” says Leslie Dance, Kodak’s Vice President for Brand Marketing and Communications.

It’s not surprising that this campaign is appealing to women and moms. After all, the agency spent a lot of time digging deep into Kodak’s core consumer persona: Katie, the Chief Memory Officer of the household. “We realized that ‘Katie’ not only loves to share, but she needs to share,” says John Roberts, Chief Strategy officer at Partners + Napier. “Her role is not just the Chief Memory Officer in the home, but she is the social connector, the bond between her family and her many friends. That provided us with the perfect platform for encouraging ‘Katie’ to share pictures more—showing her that sharing pictures creates stronger, deeper bonds between people.”

The national campaign includes network primetime and cable selected for both their ratings for ‘Katie’ and for the all-important ‘sharing currency’. “It was important for us to not only look at what ‘Katie’ likes to share, but with whom she likes to share,” says Roberts. Toward that goal, consumers will see spots running during shows ‘Katie’ likes to share with her girlfriends such as Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series and VH1’s “The Price of Beauty with Jessica Simpson” as well as those shows she shares with her children like Nick’s “Dora the Explorer.” The campaign also includes key online shopping sites, in-store TV monitors at key retailers, a billboard in Times Square, print, and a special Mother’s Day promotion that encouraged the gift of sharing—directed to both ‘Katie’ and her partner.

‘Katie’ is not only front and center of this campaign, she is top of mind with everyone at Kodak. “Through Leslie’s leadership we have worked with like-minded partners such as BabyCenter to collectively share and gain deeper insights into women and moms,” says Roberts. In addition to creative partnerships, Kodak recently launched a new site, kodakmoments.com, where Kodak acts as ‘the curator for emotions’, allowing people to upload their favorite pictures and share the stories behind them. “By providing a living, breathing testament to the power of sharing, it is creating a global community around people’s most special moments,” says Dance. “Kodak is simply one of those brands that people love because everything it does facilitates how people remember, share and celebrate themselves and each other.”

The emotional appeal appears to be working. After only 2 weeks of the campaign, sales numbers are very positive. “We understand the power that emotions have in making decisions,” continues Dance. “While women are far more open about this, emotion as the primary decision criteria is a fundamental human truth for all consumers.”

Kodak will be sharing even more great marketing insights as the Presenting Sponsor of this year’s M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference, October 27 & 28, 2010 at the Chicago Cultural Center. Visit our website for additional information or to register, www.m2moms.com.