2010 M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference Hospitality Sponsor SheKnows, one of the fastest-growing online destinations for women, has just released a new book for moms, The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know (that no one else will tell you). Written by parenting expert and SheKnows.com contributor Jen Klein, the book offers first-hand advice and peer support that many moms may not be getting from their girlfriends or their own mothers. Topics range from postpartum and diapers to picking a pediatrician and acknowledging you are no longer the person you were before baby and gives readers an honest look at motherhood. In addition to The Mommy Files, SheKnows has also released The Best Sex of Your Life by Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi. “This is first time SheKnows.com has ever produced books and we really wanted the books to reflect the tone of our content on the site,” said Alison Bills, editor-in-chief of SheKnows.com. With a community of nearly 45 million visitors, SheKnows has a built-in marketing channel when it comes to reaching moms. In addition to running banner ads throughout the site, they also included an announcement of the new books in their newsletter and ran excerpts on SheKnows Parenting, PregnancyAndBaby.com, SheKnows Love & Sex, and LovingYou.com.

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