During a time when we seem to only hear negative comments about the publishing industry, the M2Moms® team was thrilled to see a new parenting magazine pop onto shelves earlier this year.  MOM Magazine is a collaborative effort between Pregnancy magazine and Hot Moms Club and serves as an extension of Pregnancy magazine by focusing on moms with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-aged kids.

The two brands have long worked together on celebrity baby showers and every month Hot Moms Club writes the ‘Mommywood’ page for Pregnancygiving readers an inside look at Hollywood mom trends and celebrity interviews.  “Collaborating in a bigger way on a magazine for moms was the natural progression and a perfect fit for us,” says Jessica Denay, founder of Hot Moms Club.  “We take the Hollywood trends and make them accessible for every mom.”

MOM Magazine is packed full of great mom information such as the best strollers in various price-ranges, how to organize your home, decorating tips for your toddler’s room and snazzy kid fashion.  But, it also has a “cool girl” element with stories focused on beauty, fitness, relationships, mom fashion and,–of course—celebrity interviews (this issue featured The Today Show’s Natalie Morales on the cover).  “It’s practical advice, tips and fun stories,” says Denay.  “We speak to the moms not just as parents, but also as women.”

Currently, the magazine is published quarterly and distributed by Time Warner.  It is available in a wide-variety of locations such as newsstands, pediatrician offices and supermarkets and can also be found in some big named retail locations like Wal-Mart, Borders and Barnes and Noble.  In addition to traditional print advertising, MOM Magazine offers brands the opportunity to sponsor magazine-hosted high-profile events (which are covered in the magazine) and participate in online promotions, give-aways, and newsletters.  “If an appropriate sponsor has an idea, we are always ready and excited to think outside the box,” says Denay.

During M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference, we hear a lot about helping mom in her online and offline worlds—an area where it appears print publications would work well.  Does this launch mean all is not lost for the print industry when it comes to connecting with today’s moms?