The Nerf gun war is a common occurrence in my household—as are wrestling matches, indoor football games and the destruction of tall Lego buildings.  It is a boy house, which makes it even more difficult for the girl who lives there. My daughter is not fond of such shenanigans and will often barricade herself in her room until the noise level drops to a respectable level or she sees an opportunity to make a break for the front door.

That is why I was riveted by one of Chevy’s new commercials.

In this particular spot, we see a dad whisk his daughter from the boy-induced chaos of their home and into their Chevy Traverse. They do a great job of showing us the details of the car without ever taking us away from the emotional details of everyday life.  In a recent Brandweek article former M2W®M2W®-HC™ and M2Moms® speaker Stephanie Ouyoumjian, evp, director of strategy at Publicis (the agency behind the campaign), stated, “We invite consumers into people’s lives and the instrumental role Chevy plays in their lives.”

This is just one of several new spots from Chevy with a family-focused message that works.  I’m really not surprised to see Chevy reaching out to moms after hearing Lesley Hettinger, Assistant Manager, Chevrolet Communications, General Motors Corp., speak during last year’s M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference.  I just knew great things were happening with this automotive brand!  Nicely done, folks.

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