BlogHer has announced the launch of Family Connections, a community journalism initiative on digital parenting.  Made possible by support from Sprint, Family Connections spotlights how tech-savvy moms use technology, and the impact technology has on the lives of their families. BlogHer’s Momspotters post daily reports in BlogHer’s Family Connections Group, and provide updates using real-time tools, such as Twitter and text messages. The entire community will be able to access and engage with Momspotter reports via BlogHer’s new Momspotting Map.  “Mobile technology is having as revolutionary an effect on parenting as the automobile, transforming how families interact and how parents socialize our children,” said Lisa Stone, co-founder and CEO, BlogHer. “Led by these excellent bloggers and parenting commentators, we are committed to demonstrating the day-to-day effect of digital technology on family connections.”

Through this initiative, the award-winning BlogHer community hub will continue pursuing grassroots community journalism according to the same editorial standards long expected from traditional media. Previous initiatives include “Election 2008 | Voter Manifesto”, “Letter to My Body” and an ongoing review of health care policy reform, in collaboration with the Sunlight Foundation and  “Sprint is proud to provide sponsorship and technology to support this innovative community journalism initiative,” said Steve Gaffney, vice president of Sprint corporate marketing. “As a leader in mobile technology, Sprint sees great value in partnering with initiatives, such as BlogHer, that help families stay organized and connected through mobile phones and Internet connectivity.”