In support of its current “It’s Time to Smile” marketing campaign, Kodak announced ForMom, a unique, branded YouTube channel featuring user-generated testimonials from real Moms on topics ranging from parenting and cooking to health, beauty and exercise. Kodak developed this online resource as a one-stop shop for busy Moms looking to reconnect and share. This online destination also features special information from YouTube content providers.

“Kodak knows Moms today are looking for ways to reconnect in their busy lives,” said Leslie Dance, VP of Brand Marketing & Communications at Kodak. “Kodak’s ForMom YouTube Channel is a destination where Moms can share and find new ways to connect with friends and family.”  The channel, developed with Ogilvy & Mather, supports Kodak’s 2009 “It’s Time to Smile” platform designed to help consumers reconnect and strengthen their relationships through photography, making it easy to share moments and memories.  “Video is the fastest growing type of content on the internet,” noted Aaron Griffiths, Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather. “By housing content on YouTube, we are making it easier for Moms to find and share content that’s valuable to them. We’re also making sure Moms know Kodak sees them as one of the brand’s most important audiences.”

In addition, Kodak recently announced a YouTube contest called True Colors: Video Portrait Challenge inviting consumers to submit video family portraits. For more information about the contest and to view submissions, please visit the Kodak YouTube channel.