In an attempt to improve the nutritional quality of school meals, there is growing concern that schools will soon remove chocolate milk from the lunch line. “Groups calling for chocolate milk to be taken out of the cafeteria due to concerns over added sugars are not looking at the big picture,” said New Jersey-based registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and mom Felicia Stoler, DCN, MS, RD. “Nearly 70 percent of the milk children choose to drink in school is flavored, which offers the same nine essential nutrients as white milk, including a number of nutrients that kids are not getting enough of such as calcium, vitamin D and potassium.”

Now, the nation’s dairy farmers and milk processors are joining the national conversation on healthy school lunches by providing Moms with the facts about the nutritional benefits of drinking low-fat or fat free chocolate milk and are helping keep chocolate milk in schools with a new campaign called Raise Your Hand for Chocolate Milk. Launched earlier this week, the campaign includes a new website ( where Moms can learn the facts, read the science and show their support for chocolate milk by signing the Raise Your Hand petition.  Moms can also view video messages from other Moms—including pediatricians, dietitians and celebrities.  “As a mom and nutrition expert with a particular focus on kids’ health and wellness, I’ve joined this campaign to make sure moms know the facts and raise their hands,” said Stoler. “Moms can’t be with their kids at every meal. I think it’s essential to make sure schools are offering nutrient-rich options that kids will actually choose without mom standing over them.”