Using a combination of social media, fashion, food, exercise and fun, two new sites have been launched to provide support and guidance for overweight teens and their Moms. Fitsmi ( and Fitsmi for Moms (, not only helps teen girls make healthy behavioral changes and improve self-esteem, but gives Moms the advice they need to help their daughters. “After listening to many teens and their moms talk about the help they wish they had, our team created a destination that treats an overweight teen girl first as a teenager and helps her feel better about herself in a world that makes being overweight an emotionally painful experience. It’s designed to help a teen girl feel connected, supported, motivated and inspired to make healthy changes,” says Fitsmi’s founder and CEO Linda Frankenbach, who herself was a teen who struggled with her weight. “Teen girls are the mothers of tomorrow and it is so important they learn what to do to be healthy. In doing so, they will be better equipped to help their future families stay healthy.” Fitsmi for Moms includes: expert advice, coaching skills, professional counseling and connection with other parents to help Moms successfully support their daughters and to help turn a potentially difficult parenting situation into a positive mother/daughter team effort. The sites are designed to be used by teens and Moms who do not have professional help and are also being used as resources for pediatricians who want to offer affordable programs to their patients.