“Moms are core,” said Wendy Clark, SVP of Coca-Cola.  “And the core influences the connectors and the connectors influence the masses.”  Is there any other reason why your brand shouldn’t be connecting with today’s mom consumer?  

We have just finished Day 1 of M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference and I am sitting in my hotel room still feeling exhilarated and inspired.  Yes, I actually used the word inspired.  Isn’t that refreshing? We have moved from a world of Return on Investment to Return on Involvement—and moms are front and center.  Here are some key quotes from today’s presentations (I just didn’t have time–or space–to put more than one per speaker.  So much great stuff!!):

Kristin Bennett Butterfield, Partner, ConsumerDig
“Generation Y moms want to see a diverse family—not just ethnically.  They want to see grandparents involved, dads involved, gay parents, single parents, etc.”

Susanne Norwitz, Director, Brand Public Relations, Kellogg Company
Kristen Laney, Senior Vice President, Group Manager, Ketchum
“Kellogg Cares allowed us to engage moms with our brand and create a social movement.” 

GiGi Carroll, SVP Creative Director, Draftfcb
“You have 6.5 seconds to convince a consumer to engage with your brand.”

Zanny Oltman, Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, Destination Maternity Corp.
“Do not ignore who she was before she became pregnant—especially while she’s pregnant.”

Stacy DeBroff, Founder & CEO, Mom Center Incl.
“The sphere of influence measures in social media can translate into sales measures.

Dr. Mary Manz Simon, Consultant & Parenting Expert; Greg Fritz, SVP, Marketing, Big Idea, Inc. – VeggieTales; Stephanie Bryant, Manager, Business Development/Emerging Marketing, DaySpring, subsidiary of Hallmark; Naomi Cramer Overton, President, MOPS International; David Kinnaman, President, The Barna Group<
“The church was one of the first real social communities”

“You don’t have to be overtly religious with your message—just don’t take away from what mom is trying to do for her family.”

Kara Forney, Vice President, The Bump Media
“The first time mom is the ‘perfect storm’.  She is not only spending more on herself, but her network is spending more on her as well.”

Jaime Berman Matyas, EVP, COO, National Wildlife Federation
“Some say it takes a village to raise a child.  I say it takes a backyard, a playground and a park.”

Laurie Klein, Vice President, Just Kid Inc.
“Moms are concerned with nurturing the whole child—mind, body and spirit.” 

Wendy Clark, SVP, Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities, The Coca-Cola Company
“Moms can powerfully express their brand POV in 140 characters with the best of them.”

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