MightyNest recently announced the launch of its website, an online resource where parents can learn about potentially hazardous chemicals found in everyday products and purchase non-toxic, eco-friendly and stylish alternatives.
“At MightyNest, we read labels so you don’t have to. We work extremely hard to bring parents the most informative content and to handpick products that are not only considered the safest in the marketplace, but are also stylish and green,” said Kristen Conn, co-founder of MightyNest.  “It’s our mission to make it easier, less time consuming and more enjoyable for parents to create a safe environment for their families.” Taken together, MightyNest’s combination of information and product cuts hours from the research process allowing time-crunched parents to quickly and easily make decisions and take action all in one place. MightyNest was born out of personal experience. When MightyNest co-founders, husband and wife Chris and Kristen Conn, welcomed their first child into the world they were startled to learn the majority of the products in their home were potentially harmful. Determined to create a healthier home, they spent countless hours searching for information on ways to reduce the risks to their family. They researched the chemicals in toys, mattresses, baby bottles, cleaning supplies, diapers, and other products that would come in contact with their new baby. Unfortunately, the process of separating fact from fiction was frustrating, discouraging and nearly impossible between diaper changes and midnight feedings.  Inspired to find a better way, they created MightyNest, a place where parents can easily research and create a healthier home for their families and by extension the world. MightyNest.com consists of three sections: 

  • LEARN: A collection of carefully selected articles from a variety of trusted sources combined with original content from MightyNest contributors. 

  • SHOP: An online store offering products that are not only non-toxic and eco-friendly, but also unique and well designed.  Parents can learn more about each product through a combination of user and expert product reviews. 

  • BLOG:  A compilation of blogs bringing together parents with various points of view to discuss the rewards and challenges of providing a healthy home for their families. 

“Our dream is for MightyNest to be a place where people feel motivated and empowered to make changes, not discouraged and judged,” said Chris Conn, co-founder, MightyNest. “We truly believe that everyone can make simple choices that have a mighty impact on the people they love and as a result, on the world around them.” MightyNest can be found on Twitter @mightynest and on Facebook by searching “MightyNest.”