SC Johnson is opening its doors to families through its revamped website,  The revamped site offers consumers information on a variety of topics that are relevant and important to today’s families. The site includes interactive tools like blogs and Q&A areas, global brand information and coupons and special offers. Consumers can also get tips on a broad range of topics like organizing family finances or how to make greener choices in the home or they can share their own.  “The new is much more than a product and corporate information source,” said Kelly Semrau, vice president global public affairs and communication for SC Johnson. “As a family company, we know what it means to be a family and what it takes to make a place a home. Our new site is a place where families can share their experiences and come together to learn from and inspire one another.”  The average mom spends 12 hours online a week researching, connecting with friends and family and sharing information.  “So many parents are online and the Internet is the fastest way to get information and stay connected. With so many parents connecting and building relationships, the revamped site is a way to bring a little bit of our family to yours,” Semrau said.  The new includes fun, interactive sections on family, the SC Johnson commitment and products to give consumers a better understanding of what the company stands for and how their own families can shape the world. The website is organized in three important sections: Family, Integrity and Products.