Maid Brigade, a national house cleaning company, has announced its partnership with Mom Corps, the pioneer and leader of the flexible employment market. Maid Brigade and Mom Corps developed their alliance to foster a better sense of work/life balance for working women who juggle career, family and household management and worry about “doing it all well”. Mom Corps CEO Allison O’Kelly commented, “We are excited to partner with Maid Brigade and present them to our candidates as a resource to preserve life symmetry. Of all the house cleaning companies we looked at, Maid Brigade embodies the same integrity and commitment to their clients that we foster at Mom Corps.” O’Kelly added, “We’re impressed with what Maid Brigade has done with green cleaning – it speaks volumes about their brand.” Maid Brigade facilitates work/life balance for working women by giving them back what is arguably their most precious commodity – time. For over 25 years the cleaning company has provided reliable, consistent housecleaning services that help to maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment so that its customers have more time to devote to other matters. Maid Brigade spear-headed the green cleaning movement in the residential cleaning sector by introducing its own Green Clean Certified® standard and has acted as an adviser to Green Seal, an organization which certifies products and services which meet established criteria for protecting the environment and human health, in the development of an independent green certification for the house cleaning industry. “Maid Brigade’s core audience is working mothers,” said Bart Puett, the company’s president. “By alleviating the weekly burden of housework from these women, we help free up valuable time for family, career and community,” added Puett. “As the premium housecleaning provider recommended by Mom Corps, we have the opportunity to help working moms and professionals create a cleaner, healthier sanctuary where they and their families can retreat, recharge, refuel and regroup at the end of the busy workday.” The first joint venture for the new partners is a research project. An online survey will study women’s attitudes and behaviors related to housecleaning, infectious disease and work/life balance. Consumers can participate in the survey by visiting A free copy of the survey findings will be available to the study participants and the general public once the research is complete.