A recent survey conducted by Kenmore to better understand the challenges time-pressed moms are facing found that moms overwhelmingly want help with cleaning. Fifty two percent said family members helping with household chores would help them get more of the quality time with their children that they crave. And, getting appliances with the latest technology that can effectively do the job and require minimal effort can make a big difference – 79 percent think large appliances are one of the key items they need to keep their homes running smoothly. In fact, large appliances beat out spouses (68 percent) as the best way to keep your home running smoothly. People are finding their older appliances don’t do the job right the first time, so they end up having to do the job themselves—often creating crazy ways to get the job done. Kenmore has launched the Crazy Cleaning Confessions Contest—encouraging moms everywhere to submit their craziest cleaning habit for a chance to win appliances from the Kenmore Elite® line. “We have taken the ‘crazy’ out of cleaning by designing products that are both high performance and energy efficient,” said Betsy Owens, Kenmore brand’s vice president and general manager. “Given the innovative appliance solutions we’ve developed, the Crazy Cleaning Confessions Contest puts a spotlight on the unnecessary lengths people go through to get their dishes and clothes clean, especially since they don’t have time. As one of America’s most trusted brands with one of the broadest assortments of home appliance products, Kenmore knows that people want appliances that can do the job right the first time so they don’t have to do the job for them.” From scrubbing their shirts with a toothbrush to using a garden hose to power spray baked-on foods off, people are going to extremes to get clothes and dishes clean. Kenmore is encouraging people to capture their extreme cleaning habits by submitting a short 30-90 second video confession on www.youtube.com/kenmore from now until September 6 for the chance to win appliances from the Elite line. Kenmore will select the finalists from September 7-10 and people will be able to vote for their favorite videos from September 11-October 1. The three winners will be announced on October 12. And, in keeping with its commitment to the environment, Kenmore will donate $10,000 as well as 50 cents for each video viewed (up to $25,000 for the total donation) to the Jane Goodall Institute for use in its programs.