While most freshmen are worried about their new roommates, parents are worried about keeping kids healthy as they start sharing space with the more microscopic residents of dorm life. In fact, a recent survey found that the majority of moms of incoming freshmen (60 percent) are worried about germs. That is why The Clorox Company teamed up with college students and moms across the country to develop an authentic College Survival Guide to ease concerns of parents and prepare freshmen.  “Our kids may tell us that we worry too much, but there is no doubt that college students are at risk for picking up lots of germs — bacteria, viruses, and others — when they head off to school,” said Dr. Harley Rotbart, author of Germ Proof Your Kids and father of college students. “The College Survival Guide features tips kids can actually use that will ease parents’ concerns and help us enjoy the empty nest.”  The Guide includes advice on everything from region-specific “must haves” like board shorts on the West Coast to a “5-Minute Dorm Room Clean-Up.” The “Clean-Up” tips include using disinfecting wipes on laptops and desktops, so when a crush drops by for an impromptu study session, freshmen share quality time, not germs. Parents and students can download the Guide at www.MomCentral.com/CollegeSurvivalGuide2009 or by visiting Facebook and searching for “College Survival Guide 2009.”  The Guide also gives freshmen a “heads up” on the popular trends and quirks that come along with going to school in a certain part of the country from the students who are already there. As anyone who’s traveled across the country to go to school knows. . .things are different! That’s why the Guide is available in five region-specific editions — a Midwest Edition, a Northeast Edition, a South Edition, a West Coast Edition, and a National Edition for everyone.