With parents and educators everywhere getting ready for the new school year, Pre K Scholars has officially launched its new retail and informational website, www.PreKScholars.com, which offers comprehensive kindergarten readiness kits for preschoolers. Veteran kindergarten teacher and mother of four, Amy Schwary, created the Pre K Scholars program in 2003 after watching countless children in her kindergarten class struggle to keep up with the material. Despite the fact that state and federal funding of pre-kindergarten education now exceeds $4 billion, most kindergarten teachers surveyed estimate that upwards of 50% of students entering kindergarten are inadequately prepared for school success. With the help of early education experts, teachers and artists, Schwary set out to develop a comprehensive, research-based preschool curriculum that was affordable for parents and fun for the kids. “Kindergarten readiness has always been a hot-button issue for parents,” says Schwary. “Today’s kindergarten is yesterday’s first grade and students who start behind frequently stay behind so proper preparation is extremely important for school success.” PreKScholars.com offers kindergarten readiness kits for retail including a Parent Kit for parents who want to teach pre-K basics to their own children and a Teacher Kit for those who want to supplement their income by teaching preschoolers in their home. Included in the Teacher Kit is a detailed business plan to help parents and teachers get their own home-based business started teaching Pre K Scholar Classes. According to Dr. Alan Pierrot, co-founder and CEO of Pre K Scholars, “As more mothers are considering re-entering the work force for economic reasons, the Pre K Scholars Teacher Kit provides a unique opportunity to earn income while still remaining the primary caregiver in the home.” In addition to offering educational kits and materials, the PreKScholars.com website also acts as an educational community for moms and teachers who want to promote their classes and connect with other moms and teachers. The business model seems to be working. Already, Schwary has added a group of new Pre K Scholars teachers to her roster – moms who teach the curriculum out of their homes in Fresno, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa and Ripon, California. The new website, http://www.PreKScholars.com is also taking orders for Pre K Scholars Kits from as far away as North Carolina.