College students and their moms have more in common than expected when it comes to worrying about the transition from life at home to life at school, according to a new survey released by Walmart. The survey investigated the attitudes and concerns of incoming college freshmen and their mothers and found they worry most about:

  • Saving Money: Not surprising, both moms and students ranked having enough money as a top concern. Interestingly, students were significantly more worried about finances than their parents (58 percent of students ranking it as their top concern vs. only 42 percent of moms).
  • Studying: 65 percent of parents surveyed said their child doing well in school is their number one concern as their child transitions to college life. Fifty-two percent of kids surveyed said the same.
  • Staying Healthy: Families differed when it came to health. Moms ranked staying healthy as their number five concern, but students only ranked it at number eleven.
  • Stress: Worries about feeling overwhelmed or stressed ranked third among both students (32 percent) and their moms (51 percent).
  • Socializing: No surprise, students ranked making and entertaining new friends as their number 5 concern, but moms put it in 12th place.