OfficeMax Incorporated recently announced the results of its “Get Organized for Back-to-School Blogcast,” which drew 185 participants on August 6, 2009. The 40-minute live web event, which featured author and organizational expert Peter Walsh, “Tween Teacher” Heather Wolpert-Gawron, mom and blogger Ana Picazo, and two students, offered insights into preparing and organizing to go back to school with tips for parents, teachers and students.  “For many parents, the biggest challenge they face right now is figuring out how to get themselves, their home, and their kids organized for heading back to school, both physically and mentally,” said Walsh. “To that end, OfficeMax and I teamed up, along with an amazing cast with a range of expertise, and produced this live web event to serve as a practical resource for all things back to school.”  Throughout the blogcast, participants submitted questions that were answered on-air by the cast, and immediately following, Walsh, Wolpert-Gawron and Picazo joined the bloggers in a live Tweet-up session on Twitter to address additional questions and concerns about back-to-school organization. The blogcast, which has received more than 1,200 unique views, is now available on-demand in its entirety at The hash-tag set up for the event, #OMX_Blogcast, rose to the No. 3 Trend Topic on Twitter after securing more than 1,500 tweets on August 6. To date, more than 60 blog entries have been published as a result of the blogcast.  “We sell school supplies and classroom tools, but if we can also serve as a resource for parents, teachers and students and offer compelling content, this is what sets OfficeMax apart,” said Ryan Vero, EVP and chief merchandising officer, OfficeMax. “Going back to school should be a celebratory time for families and teachers, although we know it can seem overwhelming. We hope that our latest effort inspires excitement and anticipation for a successful school year.”