The new school year is on the horizon, and moms are looking for ways to help their kids do well next year. In fact, 26 percent of the 34 million moms going online this year are looking for parenting resources. That’s why Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® and have created Mom’s Homeroom, a dynamic online education resource that’s built on the experiences of real moms. Moms can connect by visiting: “Having all the right tools is essential for learning, like knowing what your child’s learning style is so you know how to help them study,” said Victoria Tierney, elementary school teacher and a Mom’s Homeroom mom. “I also know that kids need to be ready to learn, and starting the day with a wholesome breakfast is a great way to start.” Ranked among the top 20 websites for parenting and family advice, MSN Mom’s Homeroom gives moms an opportunity to connect with each other, find quick, useful ideas or dive deep into topics such as learning styles, memory and retention, classroom attentiveness, and giving back, all of which are vital to kids’ success at school. Mom’s Homeroom, which is updated twice a month and influenced by users’ interests, includes unscripted videos, articles and discussion boards geared toward helping parents find helpful and time-tested ways to help kids succeed in school. “Frosted Mini-Wheats is committed to connecting moms with resources, and each other, to help their kids do their best in school,” said Anne-Marie Suarez-Davis, mother of two and director of mom brands at Kellogg Company. “Parents carry a wealth of knowledge and experience and it’s exciting to help them share it with one another, while connecting them with the resources they’re looking for.”