As the clock continues to tick towards what some are calling “the most wonderful time of the year”, the minds of most moms are turning from activities of summer fun to school supplies.  Carolina Pad, a company that specializes in beautiful school, office and arts and craft products, has a line of school gear that is not only beautiful, but also includes an environmental education component that reminds young people about everyday actions they can take to become even better stewards of the environment.

“Carolina Pad developed the Sasquatch® Brand products to give young people a way to express their love of the environment and to educate them about how they can live green,” says April Whitlock, director of brand management.  The collection is not only appealing to school age girls and boys, but to moms as well.  “It’s a great way for moms to continue to emphasize the importance of green living—even when their children are away at school.”

The Sasquatch® product line includes:

  • One-Subject Notebook, Ideal Book, Composition Book, Mini Comp Book, 19-Month Planner, and Personal Book that all have 100 percent recycled covers and interior pages.
  • The sturdy Sasquatch turned-edge binder is made from 100 percent recycled content.
  • The Two-Pocket Folder is made from 80 percent recycled content.
  • The Tab Dividers are made from 60 percent recycled content.
  • The Sasquatch products feature nature-oriented designs in green, brown and khaki earth tones and serve as a great organizational tool for kids juggling homework or projects.
  • The pencil zippered clutches featured in the collection is polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free.

The covers of the Sasquatch books and planner all feature interactive challenges and games, while the front, inside cover directs users to to learn more about being green and making tracks of their own.  The site has information about environmental issues, including interactive games, informative tips and blogs as well as links to additional green resources and links to Sasquatch on Twitter and Facebook.

Why Sasquatch?  Legend holds that Sasquatch is a creature that lives deep in the forest, far from where most human dare to go.  He lives off the land, and except for a footprint now and then, leaves little trace of his existence. “Sasquatch provides a fun, kid-oriented example of living a green life by using only what one needs,” says Whitlock.  “Carolina Pad is trying to follow in Sasquatch’s footsteps because we know that forests are one of our greatest treasures.”

“Our biggest challenge is that we are a relatively small company with a very limited consumer marketing budget,” said Whitlock.  “So, we had to get very creative in launching the brand and telling the story. Our focus became the “Find Sasquatch” concept to create an opportunity for interaction with a static consumer good.”  And the move has paid off.  “Everything we have done has resonated well with retail buyers who were hungry for an eco-friendly back-to-school product line, and thrilled to find one with a fun story that made it kid-friendly.”

The Sasquatch line is available at many major mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart and Staples as well as several regional retail chains.