In a just-released survey of 1400 Moms of school age children across the country, Mom Central Consulting found that despite the ongoing recession and their own financial concerns, few Moms plan on spending less than last year on back-to-school purchases.  “During our recent survey we found that while nearly all Moms express significant concerns about back-to-school expenses, they still plan on making the purchases,” says Tracey Hope-Ross, VP of social media for Mom Central Consulting. “In some cases, they anticipate spending even more on back-to-school items this year than they did last year.” Key findings:

  • While 91% of Moms worry about the expense of back-to-school shopping, only 17% anticipate spending less than they did in 2008. Nearly 50% anticipate spending much more than last year.
  • 40% of Moms expect to fail to meet their kids’ expectations in order to save money and 38% expect to sacrifice by shopping generic over brand names.
  • 92% of Moms plan to save money by looking for special offers, 80% will use coupons, and 74% will reuse items from previous years.

Moms surveyed also expressed concern over how to balance their kids expectations and desires with today’s fiscal realities. As a result, many Moms will pursue shopping strategies like buying in bulk (46%) and making purchases at discount retailers like Wal-Mart (61%) and Target (57%).  “In terms of the impact on retailers, we expect Moms will delay some of their back-to-school shopping as they spend more time comparison shopping and wait for last minute store promotions,” shares Mom Central CEO Stacy DeBroff. “We also see Moms seeing the recession as giving them important opportunities to teach their school-age kids about managing finances. Moms will reinforce with their children searching for bargains, comparison shopping, and the need to separate needs from wanted items kids declare, ‘I cannot live without it, Mom!'”