This month, 200 hospitals across the country are replacing their formula discharge bags and samples with the country’s first breastfeeding support promotional discharge bag. The “Healthy Baby Bounty Bag” contains product samples, coupons, and information that support and encourage breastfeeding without a packet of formula and without conflicting and contradictory messages about breastfeeding. Hospitals including UCLA Medical Center, Children’s Hospital in Boston, Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, and Exeter Hospital are among the first to distribute Healthy Baby Bounty Bags to new moms. “Of the 7,569 hospitals in America, 200 have taken a stand for breastfeeding,” says Gina Ciagne, lead blogger on and director, breastfeeding and consumer relations for Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. “This is just a baby step. We have a long way to go before breastfeeding has the same promotional support in the maternity ward that formula has today. With more involvement from companies that support breastfeeding mothers, like Lansinoh, we hope that number will continue to grow.” Every Healthy Baby Bounty Bag contains product samples and resources from leading brands, including Lansinoh, Bravado Designs, Seventh Generation, Bebe Aulait, My Breast Friend, and many more. The bags are created by Cottonwood Kids, a promotional products company that produces custom gifts for hospitals. The bags are green, made from recycled materials, and are 100 percent lead free. They are designed to serve as a cooler and storage carrier for breast milk. All items inside are compliant with the International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes (also known as the WHO Code), and are therefore completely focused on the importance of breastfeeding with no nipples or bottles included.