Both Grape-Nuts and Unilever are forming deeper relationships between its brands and moms on the Gannett Digital Media Network. For instance, Unilever is using Ripple6 Brand Communities to run the “Living Beautifully for Less” groups across’s 80 local mom communities. The groups focus on the Suave product line and how the current economy affects the way moms spend money. By posting tips, advice, questions, and mom makeover videos with Luke O’Connor, the Suave Celebrity Stylist, Unilever and Suave are forming lasting relationships with a robust audience of moms. Using Ripple6 Social Insights(TM) for social consumer research, Grape-Nuts also tapped into the audience to gather a deeper understanding of how specific groups of moms approach their choices of cereal. Nearly 100 moms participated in a 4-week discussion that covered 70 topics initiated by a moderator and the participants themselves about the importance of breakfast in a family’s life. “We wanted to reach out to moms on, and Ripple6’s technological platform allowed us to do that in a way that was convenient and comfortable for them,” said Gregory Lanides, brand manager for Grape-Nuts. “This created honest conversations and feedback about our brand which allowed for solid insights.”

“We have seen our moms on embrace these conversations with marketers. Moms want to be heard and want to share their opinions. We offer an intimate and comfortable environment that results in openness like never before,” said Josh Resnik, vice president and general manager, Gannett Digital Media Network. “Leading consumer brands, like Unilever and Post, are becoming more and more aware of how these organic conversations are vital to their marketing efforts. This is beyond advertising; this is dialogue.”