With the launch of a back-to-school social media effort on Twitter and Facebook, Crayola is now making a colorful mark on the social web to help moms prepare their children for a successful school year. Starting Tuesday, July 28, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET, and every Tuesday night through the month of August, Crayola is teaming up with Momitforward.com to bring the “Crayola Creativitycast” back-to-school discussion series to the popular “Girls Night Out” (GNO) mommy socials on Twitter. Each week, panelists including Crayola’s @razzmatazzrob, @cerisecheri and @skybluestacy, plus Jyl Johnson Pattee, the creator of GNO and Momitforward.com, and several crafty and creative mommy bloggers who know where to find back-to-school savings, will bring colorful commentary on the value of creativity to each mom-to-mom Twitter discussion.  From tips to help moms invest in her child’s creativity, to ideas on how to create affordable fun to fire up her kids’ imaginations before they head back to class, moms can tweet the night away in a fun, party-like atmosphere that will both inspire her and help her stretch her back-to-school shopping dollars farther.  “We want to help moms be well-informed shoppers during what can be a stressful time and understand the value that creative expression plays in helping her children learn and develop important skills,” says Crayola president and CEO Mike Perry (also known on Twitter as @perrywinkle64). “We chose to focus heavily on social media for our back-to-school consumer marketing to more deeply talk with moms about what they care about most … their kids.”  In addition to the GNO Twitter parties, Crayola is also launching the official Crayola Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/crayola). Highlights from each week’s discussion will be featured on the fan page, and moms will also have the chance to weigh-in on a topic they want to discuss during the last Creativitycast session on August 25.  When moms post a helpful tip or a new idea they learned from the Creativitycast on Crayola’s fan page wall, they’ll also have the chance to win Crayola creativity kits, filled with fresh and fun new ways for their kids to create.