The results of a new national survey commissioned by Hallmark Cards reveals moms say they need encouragement from other moms around the day-to-day challenges of motherhood. More than eight in 10 moms surveyed said they turn to each other for candid, empathetic, unapologetic support and reassurance that “we are all in this together.” Two-thirds of moms said they handle the imperfect moments of motherhood by sharing funny stories with other moms about their experiences. These experiences are the inspiration for a new line of Hallmark cards offering encouragement to moms facing imperfect motherhood moments.
“Motherhood is sometimes raw, always authentic and frankly funny,” said Tina Neidlein, a writer who helped develop one of Hallmark’s new encouragement lines just for moms, called Edge of Motherhood. “Moms told us that they want to be able to connect with other moms around the experiences that only they can truly appreciate. That’s why we’re excited to share these new cards – to help moms address that need.” In the survey, moms reveal that humor helps them manage the challenges and stress of child rearing.

  • 84 percent of moms said they believe that sharing funny stories about their child or children with other moms helps them manages day-to-day challenges and stress of motherhood.
  • 68 percent said they share funny stories about their experiences with others as a way to handle day-to-day challenges of motherhood.

The survey also revealed moms’ desires to encourage their kids more, particularly at the back-to-school timeframe. When asked about giving encouragement to their kids, more than three-fourths of moms said they are looking for new ways to boost their child’s confidence during back-to-school. To address their need, Hallmark has introduced new cards just for kids, which use humor, sound, and heartfelt messages to help adults “breakthrough” in a genuine, authentic way, packing a confidence boost. “Whether you know a new mom who is trying to get the hang of things, or a kid who needs a little help releasing the back-to-school butterflies, giving a card to someone to brighten their day is the biggest little thing you can do for them,” said Neidlein. “Don’t wait until a holiday or birthday to tell someone that you care about them. Lift someone up when they’re least expecting it.”