Parents have always been a big part of the annual Sunkist Take a Stand ® program by helping their children raise money for a charity close to their hearts. This year, in a “twist” to the program, Sunkist is issuing a creative challenge for kids and their parents to express themselves and their desire to raise money for their favorite charity, in the very fundraising tool itself — the lemonade stand.    With their parents’ help, kids can now build a stand entirely from their imagination, by repurposing old boxes and painting pictures of themselves on their stands.  By posting their designs on Sunkist’s Facebook page, they not only display their creativity, but also enter for the chance to increase their donations and win cash prizes.  Now in its sixth year, the award-winning cause-marketing program encourages young people across the country to give back to their community by donating their earnings from a good old-fashioned lemonade sale.  “Take a Stand introduces kids to the world of philanthropy and what it means to give back,” said Claire Smith, director of corporate communications for Sunkist Growers. “This year, we are encouraging kids to be even more involved and creative by decorating their stands to suit their charities and their personalities. Not only does the stand become personal, but it becomes a fun activity that parents and children can work on together.”  Parents of kids ages 5-12 looking to join the Sunkist Take a Stand program and raise money for a good cause can go to Sunkist’s fan page on to submit a lemonade stand design and their pledge. With help from their parents, kids can recycle by repurposing boxes and materials from home and then let their creativity loose! Kids can draw or paint pictures of themselves, their community and illustrate why the 501(c)(3) charitable causes they’ve chosen are near and dear to their hearts. When ready, parents or legal guardians with memberships to the social networking website can upload pictures of their child’s stand for the opportunity to win prizes.