It’s a shared sentiment. Taking the children out for a shopping day can be fun. But let’s face it, not the entire time. This is why IKEA has created a family friendly shopping experience that includes a FREE supervised play area called Smaland. And every IKEA store — in the world — has one! Smaland Swedish farmhouse allows children to climb faux rocks or pine trees, crawl into a wooden shoe, read books, play in a ball pit, watch videos or participate in organized play activities—all while their parents are enjoying their free time shopping the aisles of IKEA. It’s a great alternative to leaving the children home with costly babysitters and has many parents singing its praises. “Some parents come a few times a week. It’s just a way for them to have ‘me’ time while they shop,” stated Lorna Montalvo, IKEA Brooklyn, NY, local marketing specialist. IKEA offers a family friendly shopping experience with other play areas throughout the store. There are free strollers, play areas in the restaurant and baby amenities including bottle warmers and changing tables. A quiet room for nursing moms is also available.