Labor Day Weekend often signifies the official end to the summer season and in true “back-to-school” style, we have asked some of our PME team members to write an essay about what they did during their summer vacation….

Liz Fongemie, Vice President of Sales

EF_Felicia_insideRockin’ the Staycation:  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the staycation as “a vacation spent at home or nearby”.  And that’s exactly what my daughter Felicia and I did this summer.  Living in a quiet small town in Northeastern Connecticut can have some disadvantages (think quiet and small), but during times like this when the staycation is top of mind (I couldn’t go a day without hearing this term!) it’s the perfect location to be.  We are only 1.5-3 hours away from the best and most notable tourist spots in the Northeast so we were able to visit NYC, Boston, Providence and Southern Vermont … all in a one-week vacation span, with time spent in between for errands and those pesky household chores that working moms, like me, often ignore. More>>>

Patti Minglin, Editor of E-ssentials

PM_photo_summerFire Pit Fridays:  Going into this summer season, I knew I was challenged to squeeze out time for a real family vacation.  Between camps, baseball games, youth group retreats and braces—not only was our time limited, but so were our finances.  As the mother of three children, I am finding it more and more difficult to organize our schedules and have long, lingering family getaways.  Although we each dream of those weeklong vacations on the beach, we have started to discover the small joys that come with just taking in the fleeting moments of summer—even if those fleeting moments are happening in our own backyard. More>>>

Heidi Bouthiette, Event Sales Executive

HB_Photo_insideTrading Hockey Rinks for the Beach:  I always look forward to summer. I am a true “hockey mom”.  All of my children play on Elite travel teams and I spend 6 days a week at an ice rink, August to April traveling all over New England. The kids know mom needs a break and outside of a hockey rink you will find me at the beach.   Anyone who knows me, knows my car either has hockey bags or beach chairs in the back. More>>>

Mary Engvall, Director of Sponsorship Sales

ME_familyGetting Healthy on the Shore:  “First left, first right…two blocks down on the left.”  This is what I did this summer and what I have been fortunate enough to do for many summers.  I gave directions to Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough, a very popular tourist spot in the historic New England fishing village of Noank, Conn. where my family spends every summer.  Now this is not an official job of any sort, it’s just what you do as you walk the village streets and cars slow down at the sight of a “local”.  Those from Noank (a.k.a. Noankers) have running jokes about the constant direction giving.  Native Noankers get so sick of it they supposedly tell the poor, hungry and lost visitors to go the town dock and wait for the ferry.  (You’ve probably figured out that there is no ferry!).  More>>>

Nan McCann, President

nm_opening_photoSummer in the Garden:  Greening my summer focused on the perennial garden in our New Hampshire country place. It sits almost 2500’ up on a long ridge. The skyline we face is the Green Mountain range of Vermont. That means we look west so the sunsets from our back porch are simply luscious.  Ours is a climate of extremes. Plus, it seems we have our own micro-climate. When we travel down from Bible Hill we find the townies often don’t have the same blizzard conditions that are still raging round our house…that their flowers are two weeks ahead of ours, already in bloom…that temperatures can vary by as much as 10 degrees.  When I decided to create my perennial gardens I knew I it would be a challenge. More>>>

Robin Zaleski, Director of Marketing

RZ_Photos_Chrysler on LexIngredients for a Long Summer Weekend in NYC:  A cheap bus from Hartford to Midtown, a camera shop that is a mecca of photographers and technophiles everywhere, a French bistro that serves late lunches of moules frites and wine with Lillet. ABC Carpet & Home on Lower Broadway, an ice cream truck that you heard about on NPR, a shady bench in Union Square Park.

A wonderful hotel in Murray Hill, a subway map, an iPhone app for Zagat that tells you where the locals go for Italian in Greenwich Village. Pasta made in a cellar, wine made in Piedmont, panna cotta made in heaven. More>>>

Kelly Hewitt, Marketing Assistant

KH_photo_insideA Summer with Family and Friends:  Although I didn’t have a real vacation getaway this summer, I took full advantage of the weekends and had tons of fun with some friends and my family. I spent some weekends in NYC with friends and checked out some great new restaurants and lounges. I also spent a weekend in the Hamptons where I went to an event and even met Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City! For the Forth of July, my friend Erica and I headed down to Lake Norman in North Carolina and spent 3 days on her boat with her sister and two of our college friends. It was the perfect place to be for the fireworks (shot out right over the lake!) and for some relaxing on the water with the sun beaming down on us. More>>>