I am the mom of three children–two boys 10, 13 and a daughter 16 (yes that’s right, ready for true independence by getting her license this summer). I started my summer with a new job at PME. After owning my own business for 15 years, this has been quite a refreshing change and has allowed me to spend more time with my children–which they mentioned several times by telling me “you need a less stressful job.”

I always look forward to summer. I am a true “hockey mom”. All of my children play on Elite travel teams and I spend 6 days a week at an ice rink, August to April, traveling all over New England. The kids know mom needs a break and outside of a hockey rink you will find me at the beach. Anyone who knows me, knows my car either has hockey bags or beach chairs in the back.

HB_Photo_insideI rented a house for a week at Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island. We had great weather all week except for the day I had to wear my North Face. Yes, I know it was July, but it was cold (see the picture of my daughter and me—note the B Happy Bags from M2W® and Good And Green®). And the other 10 weeks of summer…

  • 4 weeks of hockey camp, (need to keep in shape for the season).
  • Prepared myself for my daughter Maddie to leave for school (I will miss her, but she is only an hour away—playing hockey at Northfield Mt. Hermon Prep).
  • Watched my daughter pass her driving test (just in the nick of time).
  • Purchased concert tickets for my son, Ernie, to see is favorite musician—Paul McCartney—at Fenway Park.
  • Cheered on my little one, Gene, during—you guessed it—a hockey tournament in Boston.

I am ending my summer vacation, under the stars at a James Taylor concert–because this dedicated hockey mom is starting her season running on Dunkin’ to ME, PA, NY, and will be ringing in the New Year in Ottawa, Canada. The season is just beginning!