Child’s Play Communications is excited to announce the launch of Music Moms, a new opportunity for marketers to increase visibility of their music projects through influential online moms.  Music Moms is a subdivision of Team Mom™, Child’s Play Communications’ award-winning network of mommy bloggers – influential, enthusiastic, social-media-savvy women who have been recognized for voicing their opinions thoughtfully and honestly. This active network of moms reaches more than one million other moms per month. Moms are responsible for more than 80% of all household purchases.  “We have been working with moms for more than 20 years and are in tune with the interests, trends and needs of bloggers across the country,” said Child’s Play Communications president, Stephanie Azzarone. “Music Moms is a great way to create buzz surrounding music artists. Members of Music Moms will be the first on their (virtual) block to know about new music, and to share that information with their online friends–thus positioning themselves as the go-to moms in their online communities.”

Music Moms reviews music across all genres, as well as children’s music and puts music in the hands of influential mommy bloggers across the nation. Companies such as Universal/Motown records have already participated in the Music Moms program.  Child’s Play also has the ability to create other innovative marketing opportunities through Music Moms including events and more. Music Moms is the newest addition to Child’s Play Communications extensive array of proprietary services including Team Mom, Web Mom, Mom Fests, Bloggers Brunch, Insider Mom Network, and more.