As the first days of summer come to an end, Burst Media already has us thinking about back-to-school. Their recently released results of a survey on back-to-school spending habits found that nearly two-thirds (63.6%) of back-to-school shopping is done in July, August or September – with August accounting for 38.6% of back-to-school shopping. Additionally, the survey found that nearly half (48.6%) of parents will spend more than $250 on each child for back-to-school. The survey found that despite the current economic recession only 15.7% of shoppers will spend less money this back-to-school season and almost one-quarter (24.9%) will actually spend more money than last year. To help advertisers reach back-to-school purchasing decision makers this season, Burst has launched the Burst Back-to-School Network. The network features 125 content rich sites that draw the three key decision making audiences for back- to-school purchases: moms, teens, and college students. Burst’s Back-To-School Network delivers 246 million impressions and 73.6 million unique views monthly and can be targeted as a whole – or an advertiser can target any segment or combinations of segments. The network features standard IAB ad units and rich media placements such as expandables, in-banner video, and interstitials as well as custom sponsorships and programs. As with all Burst networks, advertisers and media buyers are provided with comprehensive campaign management and consolidated reporting. “Now more than ever, brand advertisers are seeking the most cost-effective ways to reach key purchasing decision makers with a high composition audience and, in turn, less media waste,” said Don Byrnes, executive vice president of Media Sales for Burst Media. “As a unique, pre-packaged solution, the Burst Back-to-School Network achieves this targeted reach with one single online media buy.”