Adecco Group North America’s latest American Workplace Insights Survey finds 1 in 4 (25%) employed dads are working longer hours/took a second job to keep up with current economic pressures. While moms are slightly more likely than dads to admit they are stressed due to the current economic volatility, parents are equally worried about their job security (42% dads and 41% moms). The economy is hitting home in many ways – half (49%) of working parents admit they wish they could spend more time with their kids. Over half (54%) have cut their family’s budget and about 1/3 (31%) say they think their children know what’s happening in the economy. Some insights into how the economy effects moms and dads differently:

  • 63% of working dads work because they have to compared with 80% of working moms
  • 44% of working dads have cut their family’s budget compared to 65% of working moms
  • 43% of working dads and 48% of working moms feel more stressed
  • 42% of working dads and 41% of working moms are concerned about job security

“These findings are great reminders as we celebrate Father’s Day, that dads are just as affected by increased pressure as moms,” says working father Rich Thompson, vice president of training and development at Adecco Group North America. “Sometimes employers tend to recognize and address the pressures of working moms over working dads. It’s more important now than ever, that employers take these pressures into account as they are managing their teams. Understanding what their employees are dealing with will help them best manage their workforce.”