School Calendars Now ( recently announced the launch of a grassroots movement giving parents a voice to notify their schools that they would like Internet school calendars, also known as iCalendars.  Parents of school-aged children know that it can be challenging to stay on top of important dates and events at their child’s school. Internet school calendars, officially published by schools, automatically integrate school schedules with the most popular calendaring programs parents use today, such as the Cozi Family Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Calendar, giving parents immediate access to essential school calendar dates and automatic updates when schedules change.  Internet school calendars provide multiple benefits to schools and parents including:   

  • Automatically adding school calendar dates to existing calendar programs parents are already using without manual entry. 
  • Automatic updates to personal calendars when school calendars change. 
  • Direct communication between the school and the parents to improve the delivery of valuable school information.  

With School Calendars Now, parents in the U.S. and Canada can log onto to vote to have their school’s official Internet calendar made available and can also notify other parents via e-mail to jump on the bandwagon.  School Calendars Now will tally the votes and make requests to schools on behalf of all parents.  “For busy families, coordinating appointments and other commitments around their children’s schedules can be a daunting task,” said Carl Weinstein, chief marketing officer, Cozi, a School Calendars Now founding sponsor. “Integrating the school calendar directly with the family calendar is the number one request we get from parents, making School Calendars Now a champion for families.” 

School Calendars Now has also partnered with Intand, a leading provider of calendar solutions for schools. Through Intand, schools can publish their basic annual Internet school calendar at no cost.  Schools can also use Intand to publish a wide variety of school related schedules including sports, club, activity, and classroom calendars all in the Internet calendar format.